Friday, December 7, 2012

Zootown, Cubbie and an exhausting endeavor....

We went in to the Zoo early knowing we had a lot on our plates to get done.  We started down the road with all four little Ladies strapped in, two in seats and two crowded so they had to squabble about it periodically all day.  I got no reprieve from Mokie she made fun of my speech all day.  Made me quit singing when I was trying to calm Bubbles, Bubbles liked my singing, she always does, Mokie couldn't abide it.  She doesn't like my singing normally and said my chipmunk rendering were unbearable to her.  How sad, free Chipmunk and no appreciation.  The Ladies didn't comment, so I know not whether it was that they agreed with Mokie and knew that decrecition was the better part of valor or if they like my singing.  hmmmm.  We started shopping at Murdocks, then Safeway, Costco, Target, Walmart, Roausers, Hastings, and then to the dentist, back to Walmart for Bubbles ice cream cake for her 1st birthday on Sunday.  Needless to say long day,  Cubbie was a brat in Costco, she spied her Mom across the store and threw a fit for me to take her to her.  I couldn't as she was Christmas shopping.  I finally was ready to give her to the hippies.  I told her mother later I was never going to take her across the store again, people thought I had kidnapped her.  Mokie was a little contrite, she did know I was truly in pain most of the day.  I watched Bubbles while Yogie was in the dentist office, I couldn't got in the back too much pain and I talked to funny to converse with the dentist.  No new wires anyway, Yogie's teeth have been in a holding pattern for a year, we have been awaiting her adult teeth to grow in.  We were finally on our way home and peace from littles and I could lay down.

I got all of my Christmas shopping done, I have some sewing to do and the ladies have some cooking to do but the purchasing is all done.  If we can't make it we don't need it.  We are sort of doing a small Christmas this year, some years are leaner than others and this is one of them.  Funny the Christmas's I remember the most from my childhood were always the leaner ones, so looking forward to a good Christmas.  We are going to go get our tree tomorrow and hope fully get it up this weekend.  Poppie is officially moving my PC today,  I am glad as I think I will get more computer work done with it in the living room.  NO one in there right mind would go to an office and leave Bubbles with Cubbie in a front room all alone....  the thought is unthinkable. 

I am thinking I am to an age this year when I will make my new years resolution to down size some of my stuff.  That will be a chore because I will have to balance what is not craft supplies, what is truly not wanted or not needed, and my need to use it if I can.  All complications I will have to over come to actually throw out anything, and then there is the fact that if I actually throw anything out it either has to be burned or removed immediately or I will be out there shopping in my own junk.  I know I have issues....  tomorrow.

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