Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ladie gone, Dolly's and Purses control our morning.

I have spent the morning trying to fix errors on my PC after we moved it yesterday.  I can't find the right disc that it wants to revert to original so I have decided that the changes it implies I don't need are all I got right now.  I down loaded new security systems on both the PC and the Laptop, at least they are now the same so that should be good.  I am going to really like the sewing machine, and the computer in the living room, I think.  I will know all that goes on with the computers and the sewing machine takes up virtually the same space so a win win. 

The Ladies spent the night with the grands.  Cubbie and Boy went with them for dinner so a nice evening for the four.  I had Bubbles until her momma picked her up, she was taking a much needed nap and her other Grandma is not comfortable with her yet, sad that they miss out on the special time of an infant, they are toddlers longer, kids longer and adults the rest of their lives, only an infant for 1 special year.

Poppie and I are taking advantage of the girls being gone so again we are postponing the harvest of the goats.  We are making special presents.  I am making dolly's and Poppie is making leather purses.  He may make some dolly furniture from a pattern I found if he has time before Christmas, but today he is tooling leather.  I think they will like the made presents almost as much as the boughten ones on Christmas, and maybe more as they age. 

I like when we can have some alone time but I don't like lots of alone time, I am thinking it will be more and more as they age and eventually we will have to embrace the alone time.  Don't old people like being alone, not, so I am thinking I may never really be friends with alone time, especially alone alone time without my dear Poppie.   We both want the other to go after us as we are neither as good alone as we are together.  I still think we should go together in our sleep at 94, no not a minute older,  94 is the day and the number.  Have a great day and remember to make some thing with or for your child even if it is "just" a memory, the memories are the most special things you can make with your child.... tomorrow.

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