Sunday, November 13, 2011

Apples, Pumpkins, Pigs and Goats, our first snow of the season.

It had rained over night but we woke up to a skiff of snow, the sky looked like we would get more but none really came, flakes just flew around willy nilly.  We went out to do the chores and to our amazement Son was standing in his kitchen with a huge hole in the wall.  The window was gone and he was sawing away with his saws all.  Cubbie and Boy were wrapped in blankets and the woods stove was going in the back ground.  We could look all the way into their house from our porch.  He had been at it since 4 am, we were later told.  He had gotten a great deal on a window a customer, at the lumber yard he works at, returned.  The window is double paned and a much better window than the one they had and it will make their house warmer in the long run but the first day of snow was a shocking time to install it.  He had Poppie come over so they could dry set the window, it turned out to be so heavy the dry set was the final set.  It looks very nice all installed but I can still see all the way to their wood stove from my porch.  It really doesn't matter as we are the only ones that see that view of their house.  Son wants a curtain half was down, so they can still see out and have the sun some in.  He wants a little more privacy back.

The girls and I did the chores together, Booboo the turkeys, Yogie the chickens and the piglets, I did the goats and Lewie.  Lewie has been moved to the new goat pen, on her chain, she is so much milder now after spending time on it,  We let her off sometimes and she is acclimating well.  We have her in the fenced area where goats will be in the spring, we are hoping to let them in there where she is and get her used to having them running around in her pen and she will be our guardian for them.  Eventually we hope to let her off the chain as she get used to her duty.  I digress.  We were visiting the goats and decided to give the piglets some apples and pumpkins.  The goats attacked us for the apples and pumpkins so we cut pieces and gave them some as well, they were tickled with the fruit.  We let Caesar off his post to wonder around freely, we had him tied after breeding as he was a little aggressive, for him, so he is now back to his calm self, Mokie is still scared of him but that is her problem, as all of the little kids feed him fruit.  Curious had petted him a couple times this week while we were visiting goats.  He will now be able to get out of the weather at night with the other goats, the goat barns are open to them when they want to take cover. The little guy with the bent legs continues to improve daily. 

A lovely dark Sunday morning out there, the light has not started to peak out, so the day to come is still unknown.  We may go on a hunt later, but this morning we are going to make a new full time feeder for the piglets, I will only have to pack grain once a week instead of daily that way, all at once kind of thing, same amount of grain in the long run though.  A lovely Sunday morning coming down I suspect, enjoy yours as I will mine.... tomorrow.

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