Saturday, November 19, 2011

Finish work to do on the shower, Poppie is still working on his vehicles.

The ladies and I are going to be baking this afternoon, they are both making up cupcakes and I am going to make up a cheesecake, Mokie's favorite kind.  I had made different decorated cakes for the first two showers, so going a little bit different this year.  The girls are going to make color pages for decorations, the theme is Minnie Mouse. I will be simple little shower but it should be lots of fun. We changed the time from 2 to 5 as some of the people who wanted to come could only come later, so I  hope that works out well.

We got more snow over night and have over a foot in the yard.  Boy brought his little snow shovel over yesterday and shoveled paths for Nannie and Poppie everywhere.  The paths don't always go anywhere or actually connect but he did his best, with a big heart and lots of energy.  He does love to shovel. I like the snow when it is clean and crisp, there seems to be a warmth that fresh fallen snow brings.  I don't like when the cold comes and hardens it and the below zero weather settles in.  I am hoping for the warm and wet of winter not the cold and harsh.  Now if I could just put in an order for the snow to stay off the roadways all would be perfect.

Poppie is still working out what he is going to do with the truck and the jeep.  One of his mechanic friends suggested how to clean the injectors and I found a method on the Internet so as it can't do any harm to the injector if all they are to be just cores, we are going to try to clean them.

The goats and the piglets are adjusting to the snow. the turkeys and peacocks are not so happy with the snow, they seem to find it inconvenient.  The chickens are all enclosed so they don't really have a reaction other than currently not laying eggs.  Poppie has installed new lights, straw and still no luck, but they are still moulting.

I just got a call from one of my Crazy Goat Lady friends, she is still as much fun and a nutty as ever but was nice to talk to her.  She is very eccentric and lonely so I do enjoy talking to her and hope it lifts her spirits.  I can't always agree with her ideas but she is a wealth of information and help with my goats at times.  She has recently been disabled so is struggling to come to terms with her new circumstances.  Off to get prepared for the shower, the girls have so many thoughts and plans....tomorrow.

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