Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No energy this fall, I have bursts but over all tired alot... hope to find some got lots to do.

I just can't seem to find any energy this year, I don't know exactly why.  Last spring I was sick alot and finally kind of figured out that it was due to GERD and VCD, which was great to learn.  I had thought I had COPD or adult asthma, but can breath now and no more sore throat or lack of breath.  I still don't have alot of energy, maybe it is a hold over from being sick.  I am done whining now so, life goes on. 

Poppie and I made a full time feeder for the piglets on Sunday.  We knew we had to get one done but really didn't know what kind we were going to build. We were watering the piglets and I was standing by the old on demand pig waterer, that no longer works, when I asked Poppie if that would work for the feeder.  He said how do you mean? I said sort of along the lines of the chicken feeders that Son makes.  We discussed the possibilities back and forth and came up with a workable idea, for us that is how our best ideas are born.  We have learned through all the years that whether is be the kids, art or building projects our ideas together tend to better than our ideas alone, simpatico I think it is called.  We soon put our plan to work and built the feeder.  We adapted and discussed along the way and came up with a great feeder.  We installed it in the pen and the piglets checked it out.  I started to pack grain for it, we think it will hold around 75 gallons, and Poppie told me not to go through the goat pen but around.  I was stubborn, as it is shorter, and went through the goat pen.  I was attacked and assaulted on a level that even I did not expect, I finally had to leave the grain and retie Caesar, then rescue the grain from the does.  I must admit I was an idiot, Poppie did not come to my rescue, I think as an I told you so, and that made me mad.  He didn't have a drop of sympathy for my plight.  I eventually got the grain to the pig pen, and handed it off the Poppie,  The goats having had a taste of the grain showed interest in trying to break into the piglet pen the rest of the evening, they finally gave up, but lesson learned.  It is longer to pack it around and over the two sty's but not being molested by a herd of goats, priceless.

I have lots of house work to get done this week I am having a baby shower for Mokie on Sunday, it will be a little affair of close friends and family but it should be a nice little event.  She is getting excited now as the baby will be coming on the 2 of December, they finally confirmed a date.  Cubbie is beside herself with wanting the baby to come out and stay.  Boy is more quiet about it as the prospect of a new sister is nice but not as exciting as a brother would have been in his opinion.  I am thinking he isn't looking forward to another Cubbie, I think it would be funny if they get a girlie girl, it would drive Mokie to frustration as she would be such and alien creature in their lives,  Son has bought her a camo outfit, I really would love to see the culture shock they would have as a response to a little girl who couldn't stand being dirty, one can only hope... tomorrow.

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