Friday, November 11, 2011

Cubbie is three, was not much better than the terrible two so far..... empowerment will come with grace.

Cubbie turned three yesterday and she was having an off day.  She was exceptionally mouthy and spent a great deal of the day practicing her rude behavior on others.  She mocked her Nannie, sassed her Momma, picked at the other children and was generally naughty.  She also helped carry firewood and ran the handle on the firewood splitter for Nannie, so all in all she balanced out the day.  She did wiggle her little bum as she pressed the lever down, not sure if that made the work go better or if where was music playing in her head, as she just had to dance to.  She is well and truly three now, she is coming into her own and trying out her new power and voice I suppose, if only we can endure it without crushing her empowerment until she has a handle on it, we will be ok, I think.  Here's to little ladies with big voices that grow into big ladies with strong empowered voices.

I do so want my girls to all be empowered and I was not as good at helping the older girls get there as I am trying to be with my younger girls.  I failed my older girls at the time but I do try to make up for it now and help them be empowered as they can be.  I know that true empowerment comes from God and he does empower us with all the power he thinks we need in our lives. Booboo has always been comfortable with her empowerment, and general is not a bully with it, but she has her moments, like all of us do, and falls short of what God wants her to do with her power.  The bibles tell us that all fall short of righteousness and no one is perfect, trying is the important part after all.  Yogie has always struggled more with her empowerment, she is much more easily victimize but she does have moments where it peaks out and you can see that she has the ability for it to develop, God willing it will mature as she grows. 

Empowerment is what my TRO and OOP was about and the protection of my girls.  The woman that the OOP is on is spreading gossip around and trivializing the whole thing.  She is telling people that I got an order of protection for Dog Poop.  I am unaware that you can get a stalking Order of Protection for dog poop and anyone with a lick of common sense knows that.  I got the order of protection for two reasons, firstly the information I gave the judge on the long term systematic behavior of courtship like behavior and stalking of my girls that the woman had been perpetuating on my girls, specifically Yogie.  Secondly, the woman didn't show up for court on time for my hearing.  I do know that God would not have granted the OOP if the girls didn't need it to protect them.  It has been just over one week and the orders has been violated so that alone says they need the protection.  No, I am not frivolous enough and would never show such contempt of the system, I once worked for, as a dispatcher, state certified victims advocate or as a the past Executive director of the local Helpline to ask for an OOP for dog poop, but I did for stalking and the courting of a child.... tomorrow.

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