Friday, November 25, 2011

I am not out shopping on black friday, never have. May move Swiss Miss Chops home.

All had a good time on Thanksgiving.   We ended up with 18, 8 were littles.  We prayed together, ate together visited together, ate too much more together, and have too many left overs together, so nice loving holiday was had by all.  Kids ran and were loud, they had spats, fought, laughed, cried and had a grand old time, just like I remember when I got to go to grandma's, so the tradition is in tacked and living on she would be so proud.  I started the dishes on the process, and since unlike my grandmother I use the dishwasher, I will have it running all day.  The leftovers are stored and safe, the two carcases are bubbling away on low in the roaster that one of them roasted in.  Son brought a smoked turkey, he had cook yesterday, and I asked if I could have the bones, he assured me he had not desire to mount them on the wall for posterity so they joined mine to make a nice stock.  I so love to have it on hand so a discarded set of bones or two are a win win.  The girls were so good yesterday, they peeled potatoes and helped like the ladies they will become. I can't remember ever having so much help and I do so hate to be alone in the kitchen, I guess I made one change in my parenting that was a great success.  I can say that the older two, that were here, helped as well, they wouldn't have wanted to be out done by the littles.  So win win on both levels, a blessing to be sure. 

We have decided that today is the day that Swiss Miss Chops comes home, her beau is now stealing all of her food and she is starting to get a little thin so maybe she needs to be back in her own little digs.  She will like being back where we can pamper her and she can eat all she wants.  Her little stall is nice and dry, and roomy as well, no grumpy old man to deal with, so she will be happy to return home.  How nice a couple with their own places, sort of like having a man cave, literally, to send the hubs to, a dream of a lot of couples I am sure.  No man caves here Poppie has to put up with me and so far seems to like it.  Or so I think, uhmmm?

I am not going out on Black Friday, never felt the need, well mostly because I usually don't have money that coincides with the day, but still traveling a long ways to fight in a brawl with a bunch of people over discounted items never said Christmas to me.  The reason for the season is still Christ and not sure that the greed displayed today sings to my heart or would bless the items I might buy.   I will spend the day, knitting Poppie's socks, reading with the ladies, and probably sorting out squabbles with the grandkids, so much to look forward to and a great way to start to look forward to the celebration of our Lords birth.  Happy Holiday's one and all, isn't it nice that the Lords lets the whole world celebrate it together once a year, and daily for so many of us.... tomorrow.

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