Saturday, November 5, 2011

The house my mother once lived in and built. Just a house, the home it was is still a loving part of the family, memories.

I overheard an uncaring gossip say the other day that the house my mother built, and lived in for 30 years, was foreclosed on, not actually the truth and the person was just spreading tales she knew nothing about. My parents decided about 5 years ago that they wanted to spend their remaining years somewhere where they were more comfortable raising their small children.  My mom and dad lived in Superior almost 30 years but it was never the home of their hearts,  they weren't exactly sure where it was, at the time, but Plains did call to their hearts.  They tried for over 2 and half years to sell their house but due to the economy and a trailer frame in the middle of their house they could not sell it.  They eventually got to a place where moving become more important to them than selling the house.  They spoke with God, and their children, then made the happy choice to move on,  they handed the keys back to the mortgage company and never looked back.  They are happy for the choice they made and this should have never been anyone else's business, especially a viscous gossips.

I have lived in 49 houses in my lifetime.  I learned along time ago that houses come and go but you only have one home.  Your home truly is where the heart is and my family, as messed up and dysfunctional as we can be have always had home in the right place, our hearts.  God has always provided for us and a house is just a house. That seems an odd thing to say but you would have had to have been raised in my family to truly understand that houses don't a home make.  I can not imaging that many of you can say that you lived in 49 houses in 50 years of living, now 51.  I had lived in 42 houses by the time I was 18 so have really come to a snails pace in the last 32 years by the previous years standard.

The house my mother built was just that, a house, it is a lovely house as far as houses go but it holds no particular draw to any of the family.  The memories it once held are no longer there they are in the hearts of one and all of us who shared the memories that were made there but the house itself is not the memories and hold no special draw for any of us.  I know that some people find that unbelievable but then most people don't understand my quirky odd big loving family so why would this be any different.  So to the woman, I won't call her a lady, as a lady doesn't run around gossiping to one and all of things they know nothing  of, that house is nothing special and not one of this family care what happens to it in the future, our past was there but it holds no appeal to this families future.... tomorrow.


  1. Jeannine Rickett- HowardNovember 6, 2011 at 10:10 AM

    Such a beautiful way to say it..Good job!

  2. Jeannine, thank you, coming from one of the larger extended family members in my life I guess you would understand more than most... hugs


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