Friday, November 18, 2011

Sadie Sue had to be spay, Poppie worries all day and tries to get the jeep going.

We had to call the vet yesterday, Sadie Sue had been in heat about a month ago and she never really came in heat right and we never saw her tied with a dog but we suspected she may be pregnant.  She having her messed up pelvis was in danger at this point.  The vet said he could spay her right away,  Mokie took her right over.  He confirmed that her pelvis was broken from being stepped on as a newborn.  Poppie was a wreck the whole time they were gone he was so worried something would go wrong and she would die.  He was especially mad at Mokie's dog that caused the problem, in Poppie's eyes, in the first place. 

I tried to get Poppie to finish getting the fuel pump on the jeep so we would have it to drive.  The one he had is for a different motor, so he is getting one from a friend this morning.  I looked on line and the Internet says that the injector may be able to be cleaned as the vehicle does still run.  He is going to talk to a couple of his diesel mechanic friends and find out if that is possible.  On line there are a couple of ways to do it, and as they have to be replaced anyway the way they are there is no harming in trying.

I had been brining a beef brisket into a cornbeef.  I had taken water, salt, sugar, and seasoning, (allspice, juniper berry, cloves, mustard seeds, bay leaves, and a few others) and a crock and brined the meat for 8 days.  It smelled good out of the crock, but Poppie didn't think it smelled like cornbeef.  I roasted the cornbeef in the oven, it was actually in two pieces as it wouldn't fit in the crock in one pieces it weighed 15 pounds.  The smaller pieces was done first so I removed it from the oven, let it rest and cut it.  I tasted fine to me.  I used it, and the sauerkraut the girls and I made, to make Reuben's.  I also so added homemade thousand island and cheese.  Poppie has struggled to eat anything with kraut on it since his accident, 4 years ago.  He tried his sandwiches.  He being a cornbeef connoisseur was skeptical but once he bit into it he loved it,  he likes it better than the store bought cornbeef.  I was happy he like it, we will be making our own from now on.  He loved his Reuben's as well, I had put limited amount of sauerkraut on and he was able to eat them, I am glad as he actually used to love sauerkraut so much. 

My little Sadie Sue is up and around and wants to be petted. Poppie is so happy she is home and going to make a total recovery.  God blesses us in so many ways, I am so sad for those who don't count the little blessings, in so many ways they are the most important one, big one are nice but only happen as events, little ones are something you can cherish daily... tomorrow.

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