Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Poppie's truck is having a tantrum, Coldest day of the season brings death.

Poppie took the kids to school yesterday and was to take two of Son's piglets out to Professor, but on the way back from school to pick up the piglets the truck started acting up.  It kept dying and he could restart it and limped it home.  He thought that it just need some fuel additive so picked up the piglets stopped got fuel and additive and started out to the Professor's.  He didn't make it out of town.  He had to have Mokie pick up the piglets and take them out, he stopped and got a new fuel filter and came home to install it.  He got home changed the filter, and couldn't prime the system. His friend Thor came over, brought some diesel to prime the system, and helped him.  They got the truck working and all seemed well with Poppie's truck.  He drove to town and picked up the kids from school later in the day.  The truck was acting up again.  He was frustrated at this point and had to really start thinking about what to do.  He will be home today trying to figure out where to go from here, Poppie, number one hates when his truck is not working and hates when something mechanically baffles him.  He also dislikes that all the new vehicles are more and more computer run so he has less and less opportunity to fix the problem.  Shinny is going to help him work on it today.

I am getting closer to being ready for the shower on Sunday, I have some knitting to finish up. I have to decide on what to serve and finish that up.  I know what dessert I am serving but may make some appetizers and such. I am thinking that there will be some small children there so have to have thoughts on how to include them.  Yogie and Booboo and helping me give the shower so they are doing some coloring for decorations.  I know that sounds odd for a baby shower but I think inclusion of the littles is appropriate in this situation, Mokie is not a real social person so including the littles will be more her style anyway.  I hope it turns our nice and intimate sometimes little and cosy is nicer than bigger and boisterous.

Two of the little goats that had gotten stunted in the summer died yesterday.  They were bullied by a bigger goat last summer and had been trying their best to get back to healthy.  they had had their ups and downs but on the whole seemed to be on the mend.  Boy and Yogie came in last night and said they were dead, we didn't think they were serious and went to check and they were both almost gone.  They either had succombed to the cold or one of the older does accidentally hit them and killed them.  I guess that is why the strong survive and the weak are weeded out, we had tried to change nature and it didn't work in the long run.  They both probably should have been allowed to expire in July when they were sick originally. 

Drama Queen's beloved Molly, her boxer, died this week.  She wasn't very old and the Vet, who had her at the Vet hospital all week, said it was genetic.  She had a complete kidney failure that she just could not recover from. Drama Queen's oldest daughter, Kiddo. was devastated by the loss, she and her mom were the closets to Molly.  It was a hard week for them.  Life and death struggles never get any easier to understand in this life, especially when the deceased are such young animals..... tomorrow.

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  1. Yeah... Pat hates all the new things they now put on all the rigs too. He used to know everything about it all... now it is just very confusing. I think they do it that way just so people will have to pay someone else to work on their rigs.


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