Thursday, November 24, 2011

Children are what I am most thankful for in this life, God so blessed me and I am thankful.

 I think that children have always been a focal point in my life. I was 3 and half when my mother had had 5 children, I am the oldest.  I can't or don't remember not having a sibling. I can't or don't remember not having lots of siblings.  The most prominent fact of my life is and has always been kids.  My grandfather once told me my mother and my grandmother Gladys both got a double helping of mothering.  I didn't know at the time, and maybe no one would have suspected it, but I think that I may have gotten a double helping too. I can't say there wasn't a time in my life when I was overwhelmed by children, and said I never wanted to see another one in my whole life, but in hindsight I am thinking it was a momentary lapse and the thought probably went away in moments.  I have 11 siblings, countless cousins, bunches of nieces and nephews, 5 children and nearly 9 grandkids... the Lord has so blessed me.  I seem to draw children, generally little ones that won't go to anyone will come to me.  I guess God just made me a simple person that had a slow enough life pace to spend time spending time with kids.  I think he truly blessed me in that and I don't take it lightly the older I get.  I truly love to spend time with kids.  I am not the sweet baby talking person that talks down to them,  I spend time with them but I talk to them not over them.  I love to read with them, or let them read to me, even when they don't know what the words say.  I love to teach them to cook, long before most people have the patience to have them in the kitchen.  I expect a lot from the child I am teaching, and maybe in the end that is why I relate well to them, I expect what they are capable for them and that gives them pride in their selves.  I can't really explain it, and I dont' need to, I just give thanks to the Lord for all the children, past, present and future in my life.  And no to my kids, that want me to get more,  I only want grandkids in my future I am old and have earned the right to send them home.  I do have the ladies and they are enough work for this old soul, though I will let the Lord determine the future.

I find it interesting when people baptise children.  I know I have heard that we are all born sinners and that they need to be baptised encase they die so they would go home to the Lord.  I was not raised in a church that believed that.  I personally don't think the bible reads that way, and don't want to fight theology about it.  I just know that Jesus only was upset with his fellow man one time,  He was not upset when they arrested him, beat him, ridiculed him, denied him, or crucified him,  He was upset when they wouldn't let the children come to him.  Luke 18:16. Then Jesus called for the children and said to the disciples, "Let the children come to me. Don't stop them! For the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like these children.  God the father, and God the son both love children,  there is nothing like a child.  There is nothing closer to heaven than a child.  Only one being ever was born and lived on this earth more innocent than a child.  Jesus, and Jesus reaffirmed that they are who the kingdom of God belongs to.  No children don't need baptised they will make their choices for God as they grow but in their innocence they are God's own. 

Today I will take time to make fudge with my grandson, this morning, make jello with my daughters (we made pies, cheesecake, fudge, cranberries and yams yesterday), today of all days I give thanks to the Lord but mostly I give him thanks for all the children that have been and are to come in my life.... tomorrow.

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