Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Prince gets captured, Mokie's and Son generosity gets us through, Baking with the ladies.

Poppie and I caught the bird yesterday, no not a turkey.  We will be keeping both toms for breeding in our little flock.  We caught Prince.  He didn't come down from his perch until late in the morning nearly noon.  We was still scared from the trauma of seeing his friend mauled.  He was very leery even when down the day before.  We had tried to catch him so he knew something was out of the ordinary so was cautious of us as well.  We feed him and tried to catch him without making exaggerated movements.  He was aware of our endeavor but not scared enough to really run, we tried to get him but he moved out of our range into the goat pen.  We didn't want to totally scare him into a tree where we couldn't get him at all.  We left him be and went on about our regular routine, then about a half hour later I went into the goat pen to give the piglets some slop and he seemed to think I was done with him.  Poppie came in a little later and walked past him as well.  He went over to get a drink at the waterer between the building, sort of like in a little man made canyon.  We made our move he tried to go in the goat barn but Root Beer was standing in the door way so he passed in the boxed in corner and just at he started to jump up and over the gate Poppie made his more.  Poppie grabbed his tail knowing if Prince got away we wouldn't not get another chance until morning.  He flapped his wings frantically until I grabbed them.  One smacked Poppie in the face before I grabbed it.  His claw cut Poppies hand but we secured him and put him in the chicken coop with his friend quickly to reduce the trauma to him.  He seemed to be glad to see his friend and calmed down instantly.  I am so glad they are secure for the winter, as soon as Duke is healed we will put them in with the turkeys, maybe their lady friend will be here by then.  We are looking for more females, at least one more.  We would like to breed both turkeys and peacocks,  Hoping to get rabbit in the spring as well. The girls will be going 4h next 4h year so they will have lots of options for participation.  We are truly blessed with our little farm.

Poppie is making head way on getting us a vehicle to drive.  Mokie and Son have been very generous with us.  They have shared their car and that has truly been a great kindness.  Poppie figured out that the fuel filter in the jeep had a hair line crack in it and that is why the previous owner had problems with the gas seeming to drain back in the tank.  He fixed it and drove the jeep on a short run.  He now has to fix the taillight, the front passenger door latch, it came open on his trial run, and get a forty day sticker and we will be good to go. 

I made a sad decision yesterday.  I had to withdraw from the MADE Fair yesterday,  I won't have the ability to take my stuff in to Zootown to participate so I withdrew so they could get another vendor in my place. It was a very hard decision as I worked hard to get in.  Poppie won't let me take the jeep that far until we have driven it awhile, and if there are in more bugs in it he couldn't come to my aid.  The baby will be coming 2 days before and I will still have Cubbie and Boy so obligations to my family also played into my decision.  I know that God guided me to my finally decision but it was hard to come to.  I may never get in to the show again if they think I was frivolous for not going.  I do know my choice was what God wanted now as I sold a bunch of items on Ebay yesterday and the day before so am on track with my inventory. Now I will just have to get to work listing all of it one line.  I also have to carve some more pieces to replace the ones that sold.  I have got a sculpture to list that I finished up and a new sculpted feather wall hanging, thanks to Dukes mauling, that I am just finishing,  Life is so wonderful when we try to look to the good; God asks us to, though sometimes we forget, but when we do, and our lives are insinc with his will, we are truly greatly blessed.  Tomorrow we count our blessing on a special day, with people who don't always do so daily, so I am making up my list to share.  Off to get the ladies up we are baking today, so much fun.... tomorrow.

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