Thursday, November 17, 2011

Poppie's truck has given up the ghost, Thank the Lord for the past kindness of friends.

Well the bad news came hard for Poppie yesterday. His friend and constant companion, his beloved truck, needs new injectors.  Maybe they could be cleaned but in the long run they need to be replaced.  We found the cheapest ones on eBay, I am the queen of eBay you know, but they are still going to cost 1500 dollars and core fee upfront.  So we will be without his dear friend for most of the winter until we can get the money together.  We have two vehicles in the yard, that friends have given Poppie in the last couple years for various reasons, plus the little Beetle Bug that I bought Poppie several years ago.  Okay, the Beetle Bug is not an options this time of year, 1965 Beetle bugs dont' have heaters that work worth anything and the hill is not going to be possible for it to make with any real snow on it.  I know people who are not used to the hill that can't drive a 4 wheel drive up it.  It is a blessing that all my kids had to learn to drive up the hill as part of their learning curve.  I can actually drive a 2 wheel drive 1975 Mercedes up in in a snow storm, patience is a virtue don't you know.  I digress.  The van that Lady gave us is not 4 wheel drive, we could drive it up but it would be the most work to actually drive up regularly and I do so hate to walk up the hill and have actually gone over the edge so not a real option for the winter either.  The jeep the Belle's Groom gave us is the perfect option.  It is a 1973 Jeep Cherokee, and it is 4 wheel drive, we have to put the hubs in manually but I will learn.  He had all new interior put in, very lovely as he was going to restore it so is in great shape for it's age.  Poppie had to roll up the windows, one needs replaced but is able to be rolled up and left in place.  I has good tires all around.  Poppie has to change out the fuel pump, as it losses prime if it sets but Poppie has one.  It is such a blessing that we have friends that gave us so many options. God always sees us through and gives us options for our lives.

It is a good thing we have all our firewood in, we won't be able to get anymore for people, well if we had to I am sure the Jeep would pull a trailer but as the snow will be getting deep in the mountains we probably won't have to.  We should have plenty for ourselves and a little extra if someone truly is in need.  We will get by on the Lords blessing for the winter and spring will bring renewal and options not yet seen for our lives.  I am so blessed that God has made plans for our security in advance and we had the resources laid up in store from him, and our friends.... tomorrow.

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  1. Poor Truck...Poor Poppie:( I could pick the kids up some days if that would help. Maybe you could start a Poppie's truck donation jar, I will contribute!


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