Thursday, November 3, 2011

Zootown again today, loooong week, can't wait for it to be gone and normal.

Off first thing this morning to go to the Zoo, Mokie has to have her teeth relined and fitted.  We will be going early to get the grocery shopping out of the way first. Will still be a long day as her appointment is in the afternoon.  Poppie will have Boy, Curious, Cartoons and maybe Second.  He is actually needed the rest, if you can call watching little ones all week rest, probably not.  Cubbie is going with us she is excited to go. I think Poppie is looking forward to returning to helping his friend with projects tomorrow.

This week has been hard here, the stress in many ways has peaked for me but in many ways is just beginning especial for Sister and Mokie's families.  I told them that the no contact orders they got from the judge are just as good as the OOP in their own rights.  They are still enforceable and they have a degree of safety they just have to be diligent.  I do so hate passive aggressive people that lie with such innocents, but God is watching and he gets the last say.  God sends us trials in our lives as I have said before, so we just have to look to God for the blessing in the trials we are enduring and for new ones to come.  God does nothing with out a purpose and we know not what his purpose always is.  We are just called to thank the Lord for his blessing and sometimes blessing come in the form of trials, I have to believe God is working for our good we just have to be patient to see the end results. Thank the Lord for all the things he sends us, all are gifts.

I have teachers conferences tomorrow and then my week of having to be somewhere every morning will be done,  I do so find weeks like this so tiring.  I quit work for just that reason, I hate having to be somewhere and scheduled all the time, well that and the longing and wanting to raise the two most beautiful little girls in the world. My other two girls are beautiful too but they are adults, can't compare apples and oranges can you?......tomorrow.

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