Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wonderful baby shower, all had a nice time, mostly a family event, the best kind.

We had great time at the baby shower, all enjoyed the camaraderie and simple ease of just getting to play games and enjoy one anothers company. We played five games, one of them a memory game that took lots of concentration, Flower ended up the winner, she did a wonderful job or remembering the complicated list of answers.  She not only remembered them but did it at a surprising speed.  Mokie got some very nice gifts but most important got to see how much she is loved by so many people, friends and family alike.  All the kids got to play the games that wanted to.  Niece and Niecy came late but it was so nice to see them.  Little Niecy is getting so big she is 8 months old now.  She is starting to crawl very reminiscent of the way her mamma crawled.  It is so hard to believe I am watching my great nieces and nephews, it seems like just yesterday that the first generation crawled at my feet.  Little Niecy has elf ears just like, Yogie and her momma and uncle. They are adorable cute and stick out past her little hat.

I made Reuben roll up and the cheesecake turned out nice.  It should have been rested a little longer than it was but as it got eaten up and the only one it bothered was me I suppose.  The littles all enjoyed the cupcakes that Yogie and Booboo make, they put little K's on them as we know the baby's name will start with a K.  I am tired and ready for bed but it is a nice tired one of comfort and warmth.  I know I am loved and a part of a big large kooky family that fights as hard for one another as we do with one another.  Now all we have to do it wait for the baby to arrive and hope we have something to drive to go to see her when she comes.  God blessed us with a wonderful day, as he does every day, I enjoyed it and was at peace with my life.  I intended to do the same as many days as I can.  Peace has come into my life and we have become dear friends, the hard way, but we are indeed friends and I cherish the life it brings. I know that God has made great progress in my life, and no ones opinion of my life matters more than God's.  He loves me and what more do I need than the blessing He sends my way.... tomorrow.

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