Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New date for Bubbie, Feathers everywhere, and a slow paced day before the rush.

Mokie went to her doctor yesterday, Cubbie got to go that made her day. Mokie's doctor has canceled her plans to be out of the area on the 9th so she is changing the baby's birthday back to the original c-section date.  The baby will be bigger and healthier than having to have her be born on the 2nd so that was great news.  Now the pattern will be complete, Boy's birthday is the 11 of the month, Cubbie's the 10 of the month and Bubbie's will be the 9, cool and fun stat.

 Poppie and I had a nice slow paced morning, sometimes when things are so overwhelming you just have to go with the flow and know that God has a plan for you and you just have patience to see what it is.  We were doing chores and notice one of the peacocks was acting oddly.  He was walking over toward but noticed feathers everywhere in the garden so went there instead.  There were big dog tracks all around and bloody feathers scattered all over.  He was saddened and since he could only see the one peacock on the snow heap he thought one must surely be dead.  I had been feeding goats when he had made his discovery so came around the barn to talk to him.  He was coming out of the house with dog food for Lewie as she is chained in the goat pen as a protector for them.  I said your peacock that is here must have moved over my the hay barn I just feed him.  Poppie said are you sure he's there.  I said yes he is right at my feet.  Poppie then went and checked to see if one was still on the snow heap, sure enough he was still there acting strange.  We walked over and he was the victim of the dog attack.  He had a majority of his tail feathers gone, some wing feathers and you can see where something had him by the neck.  We checked out the scene, you could see where the dog grabbed him off of his fence post  perch and drug him into the garden.  We don't know how the peacock got away from the dog, especially with the neck damage. It was a miracle, or he had help, the Lord only knows at this point.  Poppie was able to pick up the peacock, it was Duke, the younger peacock that was attacked.  He put him in the chicken coop, he had been with them before, they were scared enough of him that they didn't attack his bloody areas.  Poppie checked him several time yesterday and he seems to be doing ok.  We tried to catch, Prince, the other peacock, but he was scared kept hiding under the camper, he surely witnessed the whole thing, to bad he can't tell us the details. We are going to try and catch him today, Poppie has a net so when I feed Prince he will try and throw it over the peacock.  He lets me walk to with in a couple feet to feed him, so hopefully we can put him up for the winter.  We had hoped to put them with the turkeys but will have to keep them with the chickens hoping Duke heals.

I spent the afternoon taking it easy, a day of rest before all the cooking begins on Wednesday.  I did start the turkey in its brine but for the most part I chilled a little.  I did sort out the peacock feathers for making wall sculptures or paintings.  I had found a piece of driftwood this summer that looked like the head and body of a peacock and with the eye feathers I can make a beautiful sculpture that looks like a fanning peacock.  Poppie is helping me with the frame, and I hand dyed some more deer skin to make a contrasting background for it.  I dyed some blue green tye dye and some maroon, the blue green is gorgeous and looks like the colors of the eyes but won't be enough contrast so will probably use the maroons or a combo of the two. It was nice to have a peaceful day of art, after all the commotion of the morning.  Coffee is served.... tomorrow.

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