Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Long day in court, Yogie has to have an emergency visit to the dentist.

Long day in court and the Order of Protection was granted for the next year. That is a blessing from the Lord. The girls need the protection and need to feel they are safe in their own home again. I am to document violations and if I have to report I will get help.  In court they brought copies of my blog so they proved that they were violating by just having stolen copyrighted information they weren't to have. I am going to have a computer expert friend take a look at the comments I believe are from them to prove they are still violating other than that I just want to be left alone so hopefully they will obey the ruling and leave us alone.  The protection order is for a year which will be nice. 

Mokie's teeth are beautiful, she had to go get a reline today and Yogie went with her, one of her wires are rubbing and scratching so she has a sore swollen spot. She is in a lot of pain the nurse and I both had to give her something for pain. Nice fall day here so going to enjoy it withe Cartoons, Cubbie and Boy.  I am tired and worn out so this is short and sweet.... tomorrow.

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