Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dentists and orthodontists today, Zootown trip, exhaustion here I come.

Yogie has an orthodontist appointment first thing this morning, and it would be so lovely to go and come right home but no, today is the day Mokie gets her dentures.  We have to pick them up at noonish and take them to the dentist that is pulling her last top teeth.  Yogie and I will be reading the "little house in the big Woods" while we wait in the waiting room for her to be done.  We don't think we will be done in time to pick up the kids so Son will probably have to pick up the kids from school.  Poppie will have the four little kids, Curious, Cubbie, Boy and Trina, so no picking up kids for him, the car seats wouldn't all fit in the car with the kids to be picked up.  A complicated day, almost like a dance or a waltz.  I should put on my ballet slippers just to check in or get up I think.

Poppie is still a bit under the weather so needs more in the house down time, watching the little kids will make him slow up a bit and rest, a little.  Over the weekend the Poppie's pathfinder was damage,  it was at Bug's house and he was timing it and changing the heads.  A boy/young adult that had a grudge against Bug threw a large rock into the windshield and shattered it.  Poppie and Bug had to make a police report and they advised the officer of who they suspected had done the damage.  The officer did a good job and had a talk with the young man, he admitted he had thrown the large rock.  He was charged with criminal mischief.  The judge sentenced him and included restitution in the sentencing.  Poppie had to get estimates for the damage, it was around three hundred to have the window replace and installed.  Poppie is glad that the incident was resolved without us losing the windshield and having to replace it ourselves.  The officer did a good job.

The kids had a great  time trick or treating. they, including Cubbie, all walked about around 12 blocks total. Mokie and I walked with them and got to say hi to alot of friends.  They were all tired but Cubbie was worn out.  They had a great time, witches, ghosts, a vampire joined us, and little Cubbie was Scoobey Doo.  They got more candy than any little kids would need and thank goodness my girls usually only eat a little before they lose interest put it in a bowl and eventually Poppie eats what is left.  Poppie is a night time snacker, the girls and I aren't, so we just shake our heads and let him snack.  Coffee to enjoy before I get ready for the long day....... tomorrow.

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