Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween, the kids can't wait, fall filled weekend.

The ladies serenaded me with Happy Halloween this morning, can't tell they are excited to begin the day. They are eating their breakfast with gusto and can't wait to go to school. It is always nice when they are in a positive mood for the day and not grumpygusses from being tired. I can't wait to see what they decide to wear to school and watch as they enjoy the excitement to participate in their day.  We will be trick or treating later so that will be something to look forward too.

We had a great weekend we tore down old goat pens and made a second large pen so next year we will be able to rotate them from one pen to the other and maybe get their little pastures to grow. We will end up with two big pens, a buck pen and a transferring or holding pen.  Poppie used the Kabota to scrap it all down good. We got two good piles of manure and old hay in piles that will be composted by spring.  We harvested our first pile that we made this spring the same way.  It is wonderful compost.  We will soon have extra for people who want good compost for their garden.  The compost was surprisingly easy to make compared to other manure mixtures we've dealt with.  I had read that the goat was a fast manure to work but was amazed at our results.  The compost is so rich and fine that we got, yay, we will need it come spring for the greenhouses and garden.

The kids and the grandkids all helped with feeding chores yesterday, they all had a great time feeding the different animal.  The grandkids had a great time as it is something they don't get to do so was very fun for them.  The girls got to be the experts and they enjoyed that.  Poppie and I put a second layer of wire around the piglet pen and up and over the cabin; so Cleo and Lilly can now only get on the cabin roof and look in with no place to get into steal grain.  They look so funny sadly looking down into the pen with such longing.  They should stop attempting to break in as soon as they figure out it is useless to try, but as they are goats maybe not, and maybe it will just be a part of their day.  We moved Swiss Miss Chop to the boar and Miss Piggie back to her pen, she is Mokie and Nate's sow.  All and all a wonderful fun, work filled weekend in the sunshine and lovely fall weather..... tomorrow.

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