Sunday, October 23, 2011

Drama Queen and Goofy, both special people in my life, as well, as my mom.

Drama Queen was always a child that liked to make things happen.  When she was little she couldn't wait to see what she could stir up. She always had a smile and a glint in  her eye, she hasn't changed one iota in all of her years.  I have a picture of her sitting on an ice cream churn giggling as Red turned the handle I think that is probably my most favorite photo of her.  Drama Queen is my sister and only she would understand the complicated relationship we have always had.   I chose Drama Queens name at a time in my life when we were not speaking but to tell the truth I wouldn't change her name if I gave her her code name today. She is the Drama Queen of my life and I have to love and respect her for that, maybe the rest of us sister's needed her antics to keep us on our toes. I do love her and she knows it.

Goofy is my beloved oldest daughter and we share a 30 year love that only a mother and daughter would understand.  Goofy has never questioned my love for her and me hers for me.  She and I have a relationship that has weathered things that most mothers and daughters never face.  She gave me two of my most special gifts and she has never questioned the love I have for her for her ability to love in a way I could not have done.  She knows what I mean and I have told her so on more than one occasion.  I love her and she knows it.

I am my mothers oldest child. She and I have had our ups and downs as mother and daughters do.  She has always loved me and I her, in ways that others find odd or not up to their liking; but as my mother and I have a special relationship it is none of anyone elses business.  I have stated that I write this blog for my kids, grand kids and that is my main goal, I have never said anything in this blog that my family doesn't know about or is not aware of.  My blog is a search of the questions of life, a learning process in many ways cathartic, so judging my life with the limited words in a blog is not what this blog was ever about or is selling anything.  The selling pages have been requested by my readers and nothing more. I kind of think that anyone that didn't get that is not readying the blog or is jealous of a family that has had as many problems and still loves each other with the intensity that I do my family.  I am sad for anyone who missed the love of a family like mine, I wouldn't be me without them and they wouldn't be them with out me.  Family is the one of the most important things in my life. I love mine and know beyond a doubt mine loves me, one and all, they know me at my worst and love me even then. They know that I speak without lies and sometimes in ways people find blunt but they never have to question what I was thinking as I already said it to their faces never slanderously behind their backs..... tomorrow

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