Tuesday, October 11, 2011

51, a new adventure in life, heart felt love from friends and that is all the really maters.

I started my day with breakfast a lovely treat from Lady, she took me out and we had a wonderful time and got a much needed talk and time together.  Poppie stayed home from his friends to spend the day with me, he is such a love sometimes and always just a dolly to have with me and in my corner.  Mokie and the kids came by to wish Nannie well wishes.  My other to kids called with love. My siblings sent me well wishes. The Crazy neighbor lady came by to take pictures of us from the end of the driveway but even she could not ruin my lovely day.  I went to CAKLS and my friends all wished me well, Lady made a super yummy blackberry cobbler with cream or ice cream, I loved it just plain and wonderful. We had a wonderful time sharing secrets and time together. Sunday School Teacher gave me the nicest candle, which I am enjoying right now.  I am having a beautiful day, simple with the love of my friends and family.

The girls are going to make me a pineapple upside down cake and Poppie is going to make steaks, squash and potatoes for dinner.  Today has truly been a blessing from God, I am on the second half of my life, well and truly now; never happier with the life I lead and the friends that I have acquired along the way.  Those who care about me are loved and cared about by me in return those that don't like my company have gone on to bigger and better things.  I am too old for the pettiness of young adulthood and to young to have lost all of my hearing and sight, so life it good.  God has given me a clean new day and a clean new year to write my life story upon.  I pray all remember to make theirs an epic adventure, mine is by my standards and since it is my life my choice is the only one that counts.  May your clean new year be filled with the joy I hope to bring to mine......... tomorrow.


  1. I love birthdays! Each passing year should be celebrated and the coming year looked upon as a gift!!! Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Its nice you were able to feel the love on this your birthday, after all the past few days have brought our way. I love you, Sis

    P.S. Happy Birthday


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