Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rain coming down, the quiet of the morning melody is always calming.

Disclaimer: The sheriff's office served a Temporary order of Protection yesterday, on the neighbors, we as a family, Sister, Mokie and I went to the Justice court and got the order.  We will still have to go to court for a Permanent order but this one will atleast help us be safe.  This will be my last comment on my neighbors as they are not worth my time and I want them to leave us alone.  The order does say they can't contact us or have contact with us online so legally they, or their third party acquaintance,  will no longer be harassing my blog if they obeys the law.  Thank you all for you patience with my drama, I will no longer subject you to the sordidness of it.

The rain in drumming down on the vent in my master bathroom, it is a soothing melodic sound, a welcome song after a sleepless night.  The car passing by on the road drums a bass into the symphony.  Poppie's snoring adds a lyrical aspect and almost a chorus. I love the morning, no problems yet on your plate, the crisp lights shinning out into the dark. Peace is in the air and all possibilities are still on the table. God gives us a moment of meditation, such a wonderful gift. 

Due to the rain we will probably not be going to get firewood this morning. The girls and I played upword last night, we don't play for points we play for fun and the joy of learning new words. We are going to clean their carpets this morning, got their rooms all ready for the team work to come.  We are going to make soap and maybe cookies and have a much needed girlie day. 

I got notification yesterday that I got into the Christmas MADE Fair, I do hope I do well.  I think that my upcycled items will do better in the winter as many of them are made from wool. Our soaps will be all aged and at their peak.  I may sell a few of my lotions, creams and facial cleanser, I am having good feedback on them. 

I purchased the girls a yoga kinect game yesterday.  They have been attending AWANA's at a local church and are very studious and doing well.  I think that it calls to their souls.  They have decided since yoga has been changed this year to the same time as AWANA's to for go yoga, which they love, so I am hoping the three of us can do yoga at home.  I have said before we would like to go to church in our community and not outside of it.  I think that we have decided that the Community Church is where we will go eventually.  I don't know that I will ever have a true comfort there, so that is why I hesitate to go, but I can allow it to be the place of comfort for my girls spiritual needs and journey with God.  It is similar in style to the Church I was raised in it is just that the Church I was raised in is really no longer the Church I was raised in. The Church made many changes in the seventies and most of the Churches changed with it, I just happened to being in one of the old style Churches that stayed like the old fellowship and it is now gone.  I am really to old to change my core beliefs but not to old to help my girls grow in theirs and still be in line with what I believe... tomorrow.

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