Friday, October 28, 2011

Turkey pen done, and ready to have inhabitants. Nice morning to come.

We spent the greater part of the day making a yard for the turkeys.  We were right next to Caesar and he was totally curious as to what we were doing.  We had him on the chain so we didn't have him interrupting the progress. Cleo had to come over and push at the wire with her nose, I am sure she was deciding whether to eat it or not, she in the end didn't but she sure wanted to make sure she couldn't before she made her decision. We used chicken wire on the inside of the piglet pen to make sure the three little escape artist could no longer return to their momma, she wasn't happy they were gone and grunted for their to return off and on.  She grumbled at me but did let me pet her when I watered her.  She seemed to be saying why or why can't I have my babies back.  She doesn't realize they are two old for her to keep and she needs to fatten back up and go on to a new purpose with out them.  We are all out of piglets at this point. We are keeping two, five are going home to new homes soon and 4 will be staying to become market pigs for four people, so will have them to feed until they are ready to go home.  Mokie still has a few weaner piglets left to sell.

Off to have coffee with Lady this morning, it will be a nice get away and we always have fun catching up on each others lives.  Can't wait to enjoy my morning.  I slept like a baby last night.  I talked with Sister and touched bases on each other lives which always gives me a sense of renewal.  Sisters our the best.  Drama Queen has a special day today, it is her birthday,  she just celebrated her 22 anniversary a couple weeks ago so she and her hubbie are going to be going away on a special trip together, it will be nice for them to get away I am sure.  I do so hope they have a great time. Special birthday wishes out to her.  Poppie has such fun taking her girls to school, he had taken Girlie last year but she has since graduated on to her adult life.  He takes, Butterfly and Flower, Yogie thinks that that would be good names for her cousins,  not sure why she thinks of them so but I am sure that they good names for them as Yogie is a thoughtful loving soul.

Poppie is still under the weather with a sore throat, with Poppie sick is just a slower pace most of the time, he is rarely one to stay in bed and whine, but it does happen.  He is only a little sick as he "has stuff to do today ............. tomorrow.

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  1. We in our immediate family also have one we call "Drama Queen." It fits her very well, and every one of us have referred to her as the "Drama Queen." Once in awhile she comments that she is not the "Drama Queen"... but most of the time she seems very proud to be the "Drama Queen" as she knows that it is meant in a loving way... as everything that she does... and everything that she is... is always done in such a dramatic way, and always puts her all into everything. That is one of the many things we all love about her. Sis


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