Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wood getting today, lost something I valued today maybe it was just an illison anyway.

Started the day early Poppie went and did chores before 7 and we were on the road to get firewood the earliest we have managed to get out. Son fell a couple trees and the last one he lost, he was very upset about it and his upset spiraled into a melt down.  Poppie had enough of his ranting and decided he had had enough and moved down to gather wood alone.  Grandpa got upset with Son and eventually had it out with him.  Son may have had a bit of a hang over and that could have actually contributed to his melt down. He also had forgotten to get chewing tobacco was in need of his fix.  Poppie will get over his upset but it may take awhile. Ended up getting all the wood we usually get, Grandpa was feeling that he had over stepped his boundary and brought his wood to Son to make peace.

I lost some think I valued today, can't say what, don't know if it was a true miss understanding or what.  I have decided to go on and not dwell on it.  It was probably not meant to be anyway. It reminded me of a saying that a friend of mine posted on facebook this week.   

My whole life I have been advised to try and be honest to a persons face, it has cost me lots of friends in my life, but you never have to questions where you stand with me. I was raised not to judge lest you be judged.  This saying says that but in a little different manner.  It has brought so many new thought and ideas to my mind.  It also gives me peace today.  I know that I did not judge but was judged and take solace in the fact that I was not the one to be defined. I also read a quote this week from my favorite author.  It also gives me solace today. 

I think that the Doctor must have been a man of God, I don't know never looked up his bio to see if he said he was.  He was born on my anniversary to Poppie, more probably I was married on his birthday.  I think that God must have spoken to me this week knowing I would need the support. I do know live goes on and I will survive.  I am just sad today, for Son, for Poppie, for myself...... tomorrow.

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  1. Debbie,
    Sounds like a very hard, and frustrating day. Hopefully things will cool off for everyone. Sis


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