Friday, September 30, 2011

Pre-school to visit, last hurrah of summer, and feeling much better, first time in months.

Sister's symptoms lead the Doctors to find that she has GERD with VCD and since so much of her symptoms were like mine I looked them up.  Our dad has GERD as well, so it is in the family history.  I was amazed to find that the symptoms were like mine so I decided to try the OTC medicines that help.  It was amazing I had almost immediate relief.  It was amazing how the cough started to recede and I could begin to breath.  I am happy to finally know what has been causing my COPD like symptoms.  I have had asthma like symptoms for years and bronchitis on occasion ever since I began carving 15 years ago.  I am fully aware I will probably still have these especially in the winter or if I carve heavy but the cough and wheezing had been new to symptoms for over the last 18 months.  I am so glad that I am getting relief. 

Today is the to be the last hurrah of summer, it is to be in the 80's and then into the 50's next week.  We are going to go get more fire wood tomorrow. One last nice day in the woods, not the last day of wood getting but a nice one to be sure.  So many winterizing chores to get done, hope to work on the list this week end. 

The girls both love their AWANA's, which made last night a long night, they got home from that at 6 and then had to go do chores at our friends.  They got home around 7:30 and I had stayed home to make dinner so that it was not any later.  They both had reading homework after.  Booboo is reading her books and enjoying them as always. Yogie had had a lapse in her reading.  She had really loved reading with her teacher that was her first grade teacher, but she struggled alot with her 2nd grade teacher, she almost lost the love altogether.  I have been really working with her to get it back.  We began one of the Hardy Boys of old and she liked it and then I decided she could try the Little House in the Big Woods, and the love is back, she can't wait to read.  She is burning through it and looking forward to finishing the Hardy Boys once done with the Little houses.  I am getting them the series by Ingalls as they are so looking forward to reading them all.  I have a whole stack of Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew waiting for them to consume.  I am so happy to have re sparked a love that Yogie almost lost.  All of my children love to read and I so wanted her to have that joy with the others. 

Today the pre-school is to come and visit the baby piglets.  They will get to see the ones at our house which are 6 black and whites and 5 whites with spots.  Then we will take them over to Mokies to see the 10 red and white ones over there. The piggies are at the very cute but independent stage.  I guess piglets are never really needy like a human baby.  They walk, run and talk immediately and fight with a full set of teeth.  They begin eating food with mom in the first two weeks.  Of course they nurse, they are mammals, but they are the most self sufficient animals I know.  They are constantly running around chasing the goaties.  Poppie moved the water and they can no longer really get out of momma's pen.  We will be withering 14 of them this weekend.  The two momma's will not be happy with us at all.  Oh, we only have to wither 13, one is to stay a boar for the neighbors.  Today will be fun and I am better able to breath so will be able to enjoy it more.  I do love fall and now that I can exercise with out lapsing into a coughing fit I intend to enjoy it to the fullest.  I may be able to stop being sedimentary and my weight will naturally go back down as it has creeped up with the lack of being able to do anything this last 18 months.  Have a great day, I am going to...... tomorrow.

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