Thursday, September 22, 2011

Carpets are half done, Cubbie, Curious and Boy will be here. Lady and Shorts travel.

I did manage to get all the carpet in the front room and the hallway done yesterday.  Cubbie helped so on some levels faster and some levels lots more work.  She was excited to get to help make soap, as well, but when we went to measure out oils the battery on the scale was low so had to wait for Poppie to change the battery, and since he was busy it took longer than Cubbie wanted to wait.  She was sure it should be cooked right now.  We eventually did get to make the soap but after the carpets were long done.  She couldn't understand why the soap "cooked" and we didn't even turn the burner on.  Chemical heating is well beyond the comprehension of a 2 and 10 month old. She just looked and said "it is hot"... We poured it and she had to show the girls when they got home that "we" had made soap.  She was pretty proud of it. We made baby powder oatmeal.   She helped me gather eggs yesterday as well, I had to get her to be gentle thankfully no eggs were hurt or killed in the collection of her eggs. I hope to get the bedroom carpets done and maybe, just maybe my bedroom.  I can't tomorrow, Poppie, has his quarterly check up at the pain center.

Sister, went to the doctor and he has figured out what was making her pass out.   It was complications of acid reflux disease.  She has to take a prescription at double normal dose to fix the problem but she will be back on the mend and maybe back to the health she enjoyed after the original heart procedure to fix the hole in her heart.  The would be such a blessing.  She and her oldest grandson were down to see "the tiny tiny baby pigs" as he, Clean Hands, called them.  He was so excited and since the mom pig caused such dust to stir, Poppie had to show him the piglets as Sister aliment was trigger by the dust and had to leave the shop area.  Clean Hands thought they were totally cool by all accounts. He did learn to move his toes when Swiss Miss Chops tried to eat them as he stood on the board fence wall of her pen.  He is a quick learner, he is a little over three.

I hope to get some time to knit on Bubbie's sac today,  with all the kids I may not get anything done until Poppie can help with them so will take the time to get a little knitting done. I will work on the carpets later in the day.  I am working on a birthday gift for a friend of Poppie's so hope to get that down as well. Lady is off to a library conference so she, Shorts and the Lady Librarian will be traveling today.  I do hope they have a safe trip and learn lots to bring home to our little library.  Lady has gotten news that her dear sister, whom she just got back from visiting in Georgia, has had bad news on her cancer, it has gotten bigger and they won't be able to operate as they had planned.  She is going to have to continue chemo,  I pray that God helps her cancer, if it be his will and that he will comfort all of the family and friends who love her. She is a very young woman, in her early forties, she needs all our prayers. Time to get coffee and the ladies out of bed..... tomorrow.


  1. I am glad your sis is doing well. "Clean hands" huh he must be a clean little boy compared to most. Cute.

  2. That is kind of you... whoever you are. And yes... my grandson is a very clean little guy. When he eats he never makes a mess of himself... he is a very dainty eater. So I guess clean hands does fit him. It was so funny... before going down to Debbie's to see the teeny tiny piggies my grandson went into the bathroom ran his fingers through his hair and said, "I'm getting my hair pretty for the piggies." I had to laugh. It was too funny. Sister


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