Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yogie us up this morning trying to get Poppie to check Swiss Miss Chops. Practice chores.

The Proffesor called last night to see if the girls and I would come do chores this week.  He is going to take Herbalist away for the week, her birthday was yesterday and they are wanting to get away for the week.  I was already in bed sewing as I was tired from making salsa and sauerkraut. I got 14 jars of salsa and 4 gallons of kraut fermenting in the crock.  Booboo had fun helping me slice the cabbage on the old slicer.  She had many theories on just how to slice the cabbage the most efficiently.  I always find her learning process such a joy to witness.  She always picks a problem apart and puts it back together in such an interesting manner. I am working on my knitting for Bubbie and figuring out how to make up some upcycled teddy's.  I cut out a flannel one, am looking to make up some woolen ones and maybe a mink or goat one.  I did find some cute arm bands that I want to make for the girls that are adorable so need to look through my wool and go to Twin's house for some woven wool she has for me.

Poppie and the girls went out to see how to do the chores and the new routine.  We have not done chores for them since last September.  They were shown how to feed the horses, so they don't fight.  He showed them how to feed the sheep and alpacas, the buck and ram, the does and the kids.  Yogie milked out Danielle.  Booboo offered to help but Yogie only had a little left to do.  Professor was very kind and good with both girls in his instructions.  He was very proud of Yogie's milking.  He showed them how to water all the animals.  They will be gone most of the week or so and we will have to do the chores each night.  There are also 3 great Pyrenees.  Lassy, their little Shetland sheep dog, may have gotten her back broken yesterday by his neighbors Nigerian buck.  Poppie was asked into the house to look at her but Professor didn't want the girls to see her.  She was hurt yesterday and has no use of her back legs.  Poppie is sad as he really likes the little dog.  Yogie and Booboo are really excited to do the chores and spend time with the animals.

I feel a new ease in my life this morning.  I think God has taken a potential stresser out of my life.  I am so glad the Lord leads me down the paths that I am to go down.  I think in this case he has leads us away from a relationship that would have lead to real problems.  I feel the weight of it gone and that is a true blessing that I will embrace.  Today we may have piglets but if not they will be here soon, she is so big right now it is amazing. ..................... tomorrow.


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  2. I agree about the utterly natural soap. I first bought one bar at the farmers market and I was hooked. I don't use anything else. Its lovely and delightful. I don't really know Debbie on a very personal level but loved her soap and thought she was a remarkable woman to talk with. Keep making your soaps. Its truly a blessing.

  3. Debbie,
    I agree with the person talking about the soap being used on the hands. It is the very best soap I've used on my hands as well. I also agree with the being better than lotion, I found the same to be true for me as well. I also think it is very kind and generous of you giving so much of it away on a trial basis. Not everyone would do that. I've tried other home made soaps... and was not so impressed as I am with yours. I too, love how your soaps look nice and smell nice too. That gives it the added touch. Sister

  4. Ditto on the soap I love to bath with it it leaves my skin feeling silky and I even bath my babies in it.

  5. Thank you all for your support, I hate censorship and I am sadden to have to resort to monitoring my comments because of someones cruelty. I will hopefully soon be able to return to a non-monitored comment blog which is my favorite way to write it. I do so love the uncensored comments. Thanks again to all who love and support me, I love you all and feel such comfort in your support.


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