Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The apples doesn't fall to far from the tree... is that a given or a choice they make?

I think the debate of nurture or nature is alive and well, though I did recently read an article that says it is a mute point and an antiquated concept.  Really, how could that be? I know that particular debate usually is a reference to intelligence.  Genetic does gives us are our basic IQ, high or low we don't get to choose, it's like a lottery we get what we were given.  Education develops it to its potential but an uneducated genius is still a genius so how could the debate no longer be relevant?  I actually think that that is an oxymoron, a genius IQ by nature hungers for knowledge and educates themselves in any way they can whether it be traditional school, self education, street smarts or even criminal pursuit.  I also think that an individual with a below normal IQ  can be forced to spend a life time, and a fortune, being educated but still not have the sense to tie their shoes if that be their choice. Nature does play a roll in our potential for learning it doesn't dictate the knowledge we will acquire in life. So nature still gives us the potential and nurture in the end still gives us the end results.

Proverbs 22:6  Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. ---  I think the nurture is the most important part of raising children.  I don't think that you can control your child and should never try to do so.  I see people that so want their children to be like them, think as they want them to think, or not make mistakes (or at least the mistakes that they made) that they become controlling in their effort to make their children what they want them to be. I do believe that these people, like all of us, want the best for their children they just don't know when to let go.  For the most part that is just it, we want the best for our kids, but what is that?   It is so many things to so many people, no two of us have the same ideas or thoughts on what that is or should be.  The bottom line is that we raise our children as our ideals dictate and the child takes the knowledge and teaching we give them and become the people they are meant to be. Sometimes a parent finds such pride in the adult they become,  as God meant them too. Others times a parent spends a lifetime wondering where that adult came from, and think they have failed,  they never see that the child is still the child they raised, maybe they don't see themselves clearly and that their child to others is just like them.

 I think it is almost impossible for a child to be truly different from their upbringing.  I think as adults they will have different ideas, wants, plans and maybe a different life path than their parents but they are the product of the life they were raised in.  I am not talking about children who sadly were not loved or raised by their parents, I am talking about people who had a parent or parents that tried to raise their child in some sort of family, no mater how dysfunctional it may have been. Children's childhoods are the sum total of the experiences that they shared with the other members of their family.  You can wish your basic philosophies away but those concepts were established by the experience that created you, you developed those through the trial and error of your life choices or the life choices your parents made with you or for you as a child. No, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, it couldn't, it doesn't know how not to be the sum of it's experiences in life.  You can only be what you know to be, you can wish to be different and try to become something different but in the end you can only be what your life experiences dictate..... tomorrow

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