Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I am up early to clear my mind for the day, Yogie has an ortho in Zootown.

Today, Yogie, Booboo and I go to Zootown, Yogie has another ortho appointment. Booboo always gets to come, I think it is important to have shared time and she is a good student.   It will be a nice break from the underlying stress.  The girls are doing well and seemingly adapting to the undercurrents that have to be in their lives.  Every time things seem to calm down a new arrow comes across the bow of our ship.  Usually in the evenings, Mokie is having a hard time.  During pregnancy her chrons seems to be on hiatus so it is a blessing that in this case or she would be a wreck on the inside as much as on the outside.  Shinny and New Mamma happened to be over just after the incident last night and they gave us all such moral support.  They are a wonderful family of good Christian people, the whole family, which consists of three individual families.  They have truly been a blessing in the neighbor department all of these years.  They are always their to help even if you didn't know you needed help and especially when you do.  Shinny always looks out for Poppie to make sure he has the help he needs when Poppie tries to over do it.  Mokie watches their little Curious and Cartoons, we catch the overflow when Mokie can't.  They have shared their dirt, their manure and the friendship and are truly a blessing from the Lord.  They are a big support in all of the current happenings. 

Today we plan to go straight in to the ortho appointment, I will take them nest mall for Yogie to cash in her gift certificate for doing a good job brushing her teeth and maintaining her dental appliances. Booboo will get to buy accessories as well.  That will be a surprise for them, then stop for lunch probably at the China Buffet, they like it there.  I would like to pick up a mineral block for the goats and maybe try a flock block for the chickens.  I will see if Poppie needs anything else for the critters and pick that up as well.  Poppie will have Cubbie and Curious, until eleven, then Boy after his dad drops him off after school.  Poppie needs a day of being in the house he has been working pretty hard so needs the break even if he doesn't know it.  We should be home in the early afternoon if all goes on schedule.  It will give us a much needed away day.

I slept good last night, after I manage to get to sleep around midnight. The Lord put the 23 Psalms in my mind, it was very comforting, so I will go to Psalms to reread it in it's entirety.  I need to see what the Lord is telling me to do close up and in black and white.   Today is a new page and a blessing to be enjoyed and shared.  I hope you share yours with some one special I intend to....... tomorrow.

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