Thursday, September 15, 2011

Silver had a heart attack, he is doing well from what I have heard, Thank God.

Yesterday morning my Sister in Law, Teacher, called me, Silver, my oldest brother had a heart attack.  She said he is doing ok, and they are doing tests. She seemed strong and together, I can't say I would have had the same resolve.  She is one of the brightest people I know, God love her she struggles with common sense.  She is very caring, solid and loyal. everything Silver ever wanted in a mate.  God always makes us the perfect other half, he is good like that.  Some I guess just didn't know where to look for their other half or missed up when they meant them and didn't know it was them.  I digress. 

Silver is a good solid man, works very hard, hunts, fishes and loves the Lord.   He is a good dad, gave all he had to make sure his kids got a good education, even if they didn't all use it or appreciate his efforts.  He gave them all he could work overtime for a life time to get.  He has lost weight in the last year so it was a shock to hear he had a heart attack.  He was thinner but when I think about it the last time I saw him he looked paler and older to me.  Maybe I should have paid more attention to him and not the weight loss.  The men on my dad's side of the family have a hereditary heart defect of small coronary arteries.  My great grand father and grand father both died at 67 of heart attacks, not their first.  My dad had his first heart attack in his late 40's like my brother is.  Silver has always been and athlete, in high school, he was a state champion wrestler from two different states, both Montana and Oregon.  He had in the last few years gained weight but the health conscious side of his had gotten on track and was getting his health in order.  I hope this attack helps him on to the recovery it did for my dad.  He was so proud that he and his brother were the first generation to live past 67.  They have both had multiple by pass surgeries, but both are much healthier than they were in their younger years.  Sometimes the blessing is the heart attack, the ones who survive them often lead a healthier after life, and get more in tune with their bodies and lives, well in my family that is, can't speak for any one else. 

Today I pray for the good out come of Silver's testing and have faith in God's will that Silver has much more to accomplish in this life.............tomorrow.

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