Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Doing chores for our friends, they finally got to escape. Carpets maybe, finally!

Well our friends finally got to escape and got on their camping trip.  They both had birthdays in the last couple weeks and needed the time away.  I don't actually think they know where they are going and that is half of the fun.  I told them about a great little river system and lakes about 90ish miles away and think they may just go there but who knows, life it an adventure and they enjoy theirs.  We had to go save Bug's truck on the interstate last night, he had run out of gas on the way to work.  We got the girls subway and then drove out to do the first night of chores at our friends, the long way,  13 miles one way to rescue and then return and go 13 miles the other way.  We got to see our little doe, and all the thing Poppie has been helping his friend accomplish.  They are sending two little withers home with us for food too, they are all dairy so not much meat but it will be good to have it to mix in with the other meat.  I never turn down good home grown organic meat.

I got to go to CAKLS yesterday, it was so nice to get to catch up with my friends.  Lady was busy so didn't get to join us.  Shared stories and caught up with the ladies after missing out all summer.  I do love the grand kids but missed the ladies. I had a regular deliver schedule on the way there, 3 dozen eggs, one shampoo, and soap.  Today, I have 5 bars of soap to deliver on the way to picking up the girls. I do like that my soap works so well for people, the joy of making it is that people like it. I am finding like the bar soap the liquid soaps are better with age.

I may get to do the rest of the carpets today, I know I have been threatening to do so, but today may be the day I get to but if not tomorrow will come..... Poppie will be with Bug this morning and then out doing chores for our friends, and then we will do the evening chores tonight..... tomorrow.

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