Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cubbie and I chilled, I love holding hands with a child. God's most wondeful gift.

I know I have said before that to me one of the easiest way to know beyond a doubt that God exists is to look at the hand of a newborn baby.  I, in awesome wonder, look at newborns hand.  The are almost translucent, they are so fragile, they have beauty beyond compare, they are not the result of a fish crawling on to dry land, or an accidentally congruence of nature.  They are the most precious wonderful creation that God made, they are the image of his hand. 

I love to hold little hands. My children from the time they were little placed their hands in mine. I can tell which one it is by the special and unique feel of each.  People scoff that I can touch their hands and know which child it is, but it is true, and always has been.  I now have the pleasure of knowing all of my grand children, that I have meant, by their hands.  No, I don't have a hand fetish.  God made hands all so unique that it is obvious which hand has need of holding yours if you are paying attention. 

Yesterday, I decide that I had to stay in bed all day and try to get well or all of my dear friends were going to come, hog tie me and take me to the doctor if I didn't.  I stayed faithfully in bed all day, slept, contemplated, read, computered, and held the hand of my lovely little Cubbie.  She and Yogie have similar little hands but hers are always like sand paper.  It doesn't matter how much lotion you apply they are just rough and firm.  She has a fine strong little hand.  She laid by me and slept, watched "little bill" and chattered away.  I got up an made her lunch.  She spent the day cuddled in my arms,  she usually comes each day, even if it is not a day I watch her, and crawls into my lap to get  her daily hug.  Her mom will call and make sure that here is where she sneaked off to.  Cubbie is a special little person, you can read it in her wonderful little hand..... tomorrow.

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