Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chores, chores, gotta love fall, lovely weather and time slows just a little.

I got all of the wood Poppie chopped, stacked by the house. I took about an hour and half, one wheel barrow load at a time.  I had a great time.  Boy was there for moral support but since he didn't have his gloves and felt he shouldn't help.  Gotta love a child's way of thinking.  Went out to check on the baby piglets and noticed, that like on Friday, I only counted 11 but unlike on Friday there wasn't the possibility of one still being in the building, they were in the building.  One has obviously died and mom harvested the body for energy.  Probably in the first three days were just didn't count them every day.  The little guys learn how to get out of the way and mind in that time.  You wouldn't believe how much those little ones jump and do exactly what she wants them to do. One little grunt and they run to where she tells them to be or come running if she is calling them.  People who don't think pigs are intelligent and talk have never spent five minutes with a nursing sow. They are so smart I should take lessons on child rearing.  It is so cool to watch.  Mokie and I moved Lovey and Fancy to her goat pen, with both herds together for breeding they are two little to make their own way in the whole bunch.  We took the two little ones over feed them and grained them, but they cried to be with the rest, they don't know when they have it good.

I have had good feedback from my cleansing cream testers so today I make up a big batch, which by world standards is a drop in the bucket but a big batch for me.  I store it in the frig so that helps increase the shelf live until I get it to the people that like it. I also just discovered that all this time that I have been making 4 pound batches of soap. I don't know why but thought they were 4 pounds when I made up the recipe, just that they are 6 pound batches so have half again as much soap, a good thing.  I have to make up some scar cream too.  I do like the simple cleansers and creams I am making. I am glad that the people who have tired it like it as well. Lotions are a little more daunting to get right, or right by my standards.  Still working on one I like.

I may get to go to CAKLS today, I have soap to deliver, shampoo to deliver, and patterns to take to a friend.  I get to go, yay, though I do have kids this morning, but Poppie will be home in the afternoon if Mokie is not back from the dentist.  I realize I love my grand kids but having them so much this summer has been very limiting is so many ways.  I think it has even taken it's toll on the girls,  they need a little space sometimes.  They now can enjoy their cousin/nieces and nephew,  funny we never think of them as such but legally they are.  We as a family agreed cousins is fine, we are unique and can set our own standards. 

I have house work to do, art work to do, wood to chop and stack, the list goes on.  Coffee first and then the world.... tomorrow.


  1. Debbie,
    What does CAKLS stand for? Sis

  2. It stands for Crochet And Kniters LoverS, any one is welcome and you can bring any fiber art or just come for the company and conversation. You should come it is tuesdays at 2.


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