Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I thank the Lord for the Medicaid that paid for Yogie's teeth, we girls had a blessed day.

Today while sitting in the ortho office the wonderful dentist reminded me of the accidental conversation that made the blessing of Yogie's teeth getting fixed a reality.  Yogie was on medicaid as a small child from the day she was born. When Booboo came along she joined her sister on medicaid.  Through all the years that they were little, even with me working for the Sheriff's office, they qualified on my income, which is sad.  Poppie could no longer work, and still can not, not in the way that anyone would pay you to work.  He "works" now but I am not sure that most people would call spending an hour or so fixing a fence, a goat pen, a rabbit hutch or a weeding a garden work they would pay you to do, especially when you have to be able to leave after 15 minute, half an hour or sometime a whole hour or so.  Poppie pays for the 15 minutes to an hour that he pushes himself, sometimes a day and sometime more.  He has a kind old friend, who is just short of 70, that he goes out and helps, they have together fixed goat pens, made feeders, put legs on a rabbit hutches and are working on a wall to keep the rain off of his friends wood. They accomplish some, but mostly they spend time, much need time, getting to know each other, priceless, you couldn't pay Poppie for the time he shares with his friend while he is "working".  Needless to say I tried to stay at the sheriff's office as long as I could we needed the income, but there came a time when the girls and Poppie needed me at home more.  I took my pension of about 10,000 and cashed it in, paid all of my bills for a year and made a leap of faith with the Lords blessing and I have never looked back.  The money ran out after the first year.   The second year I put stuff on the Internet and managed not to starve, made close to the same as the sheriff's office before taxes, still qualified for medicaid.   The next year Poppie got his Social Security Disability, sadly as I was so tired of carving 8 hours a day 7 days a week, and selling stuff way below value I said I am not carving another thing anytime soon, we still qualified for medicaid.  Over the last few years I sometime work really hard all year carving and drawing and we qualify for Chips instead of medicaid or I spend time with my girls and we qualify for medicaid.  Either way I am forever thankful to the state and the federal government that my girls had something to protect them through all our struggles.  This years as I was sick most of the spring and couldn't carve and had I had  insurance I would have probably spent time in the hospital but with love and care we all got through.  I did start making soap but as I have alot of up front money into the oils, molds and lyes it will take me a  couple years to break even on the soap making business, which is as it should be,  just spent 600 on hay and to make goat milk soap you got to feed the goats; not to mention the initial cost of my goat herd.  Currently my girls again are on medicaid,  but that is not why Yogie got to have her beautiful teeth fixed.

Yogie got to have her beautiful teeth fixed due to the love and kindness of her wonderful Dentist.  She had know the girls since they were babies and has operated on both of their teeth when they had medicaid.  She also took payments when I had chips.  She was sitting us up with a payment plan to do minimal work and pull some of Yogies teeth so we could get her a retainer and help her not have really badly crooked teeth.  She mentioned to me, "if you ever qualify, even for a month, for medicaid again get in touch with me right away"  I asked "why?"  She said, "because Yogie has a true medical need that I can  apply for a special waiver and have it all paid for at once and that if we put the plan in and if it was oked, even if it takes the 7 years it is projected to take, that it will be paid for upfront.  She won't have to loose any teeth that way"  Shortly after we started the payment plan and the minimal work, we could afford, I sent in my chips application and they said we didn't qualify for chips, that year we qualified for medicaid.  Yogie's dentist got her in the next day,  did an extensive exam and a huge amount of extra paperwork and with the grace of God Yogie was approved to have the work done.  She is now into the work with years to go but her beautiful smile is assured as it was prepaid by medicaid a long time ago. 

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