Monday, September 19, 2011

Piglets come to Swiss Miss Chops new digs. Nothing cuter than a baby pig.

We were invited to Lady's house for a barbecue and to help teach her how to make sauerkraut.  We were just leaving the house to go out there when Swiss Miss Chops seemed to be going into labor.  We called Son and asked him to check on her while we were gone.  Poppie and Friend were checking out  the work Friend has been doing on his house this year.  He has spent the greater part of the spring and summer residing his house.  He has had to restructure some walls, one where when he took off the siding a window he didn't know used to be there had been covered up.  He has made great headway and is getting close to having the work done.  He has a door to put in where there is a window and more siding then trim work.  They will have painting to do after that, their house is a big house. It is really looking great and the new colors will be very nice.

The girls enjoyed showing off their skill and knowledge at making sauerkraut to Lady.  They spend a little time outside trying to ride Lady and Friend's bikes but as they are both pretty tall, the bike's were way to big for them to ride well. They ran around a little and enjoyed their day out.  We had just finished getting the sauerkraut done and Lady started dinner, the men were off to go for a short ride in Friend's new pickup when Poppie came into the house.  Poppie had just gotten a call from Son, he was all shook up the first piglet was coming and she was having a problem.  Poppie decide to run home and check on her and then return.  Poppie left and Friend barbecued. Poppie was gone quite awhile and then returned to tell us that two had been born and Son and Mokie had things all in hand.

We had a nice dinner, Yogie ate up her dinner, and Booboo was not eating as well. She had eaten quite a few of the chips and wonderful salsa Lady had made.  She later confided that her German sausage had been hot.  I told her she could have told us and Yogie would have eaten it, Yogie agreed she would have.  They both got a nice big ice cream cone for dessert.  We ate and left to go check on our Sow.

When we got home Mokie and Son had just gone home, they advised they were all born, and there were nine.  We went in to see them and there were ten, Son was shocked as he had thought she was done having piglets.  She ended up having a total of 12 all watched and enjoyed the new life being born.  Shinny, New Mamma, Curious and family came to see the babies finish being born.  Curious was scared at first but in the end got right into the pen and had a grand old time.  We have a very gentle sow as she let a whole bunch of people she was not used to come right in a view the whole thing. Cubbie advised us that "she pooped them out her butt."  Well sort of..... tomorrow.

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