Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Morning has arrives early today, Picture day for the Ladies. And carpets.

I am up early this morning and was up late, I hate getting old and needing less sleep or is it just a mater of getting less from the aches and pains of age.  I don't actually know the answer maybe it is like the answer to the common cold, a mystery.  The ladies have pictures today so we picked out their background colors for their pictures, they didn't want a border but a more traditional look to their pictures. I think we made good choices.  We try to practice making good choices.  We talk about the choices we make alot, I try to keep the lines of communications open, knowing full well that as they grow they will need to close them to some extend but that they always have the ability to talk to me about anything if that is the way it has always been. 

We really did have a nice day yesterday.  We went to the mall and bought earrings and hair pretties.  We stopped at the China Buffet and ate.  Yogie got to try clams, hot and sour soup and chicken on a stick, all new choices.  Booboo was more singular in her trying new things, she tried a new chicken, the one on the stick, as well.  I kind of have to be on her side on this she has so many problems with chemicals or maybe dyes, we are close to having her aliment pinpointed,  one way or the other chemically based.   We have taken so many chemicals out of our diets, and lifestyles, and the more we do the more sensitive she seems to be or that is what is coming to the top of the list for her stomach illness.  The less we have in our diet, which is good, the more she is sensitive to them, that is a good and bad thing.  She is learning to manage fairly well. We then went to the feed store got salt blocks and some weed.  The last stop was Walmart where we picked up weather stripping for the door and then the girls each got to pick out yarn.  They are both learning to crotchet, or more factually progressing on their learning to crocheting.  We have decided that they can make a sampler baby blanket for Bubbie.  Each got to pick out two colors of yarn, one plain and one variegated.  They are going to each practice their stitches on 6 or 8 inches blocks, yet to be decided, and then I will sew them all together into one blanket for Bubbie for when she is born, or when it's done should it take longer than they plan.  We will see how diligently they practice their craft.  They may just surprise me and do it right away.

I am so glad of my laptop, it is my newest way to study my Bible.  I get to have all translation right at my finger tips, I can see what other opinions on subject in the bible are.  I can see related sermons on the verses.  I find myself studying on a daily bases and that is truly a blessing.  I am able to more thoroughly study what I ask God about.  I am more open to working on my short coming and transgressions.  I am loving my new "Bible" for all the good reasons and not the bad things that a laptop can be.  I am coming to terms with loving my fellow man, family and friends on a level that is more objective and not subjective. I ask God for guidance more quickly as I can find the verses I seek more efficiently and one I didn't know I was looking for spring out at me.  I am finding more peace and faith in my life and these are all blessings. 

Today I am going to trying and get my carpets all done, I have been trying and something always gets me on to a different endeavor and my carpets have waited, so today I will try and conquer them.  I do wish I could change them out for hardwood but since that is not in the foreseeable future, I am going to try and finish them today........... tomorrow.

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  1. sounds like your life is calming down and not as stressfull as it was with your neighbor and all.


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