Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday morning quiet always a time of reflection for me. Poppie collecting prep slop.

Poppie managed to get his trailer home last night. It was a slow trip as they didn't want to lose the trailer off of the dolly's.  They arrived home just after dark,  Mokie had bought burger for all us which was a nice surprise.  Poppie was beat and is going to try and hibernate today.  Bug tried to get him to take the trailer to a friend of his so they could fix it.  Poppie was glad that the dolly tires had gone flat over night and the couldn't or didn't have to move it today. Poppie had to go down to pick up the slop he gets for the local restaurant.  We don't get the slops from the left over food from the people, we get the left overs of the prep food.  We don't get meat from them either, it is very nice that the owner sorts it out so nicely for us.  On the way down Poppie is going to stop at Bug's to drop off his plasma cutter.

Bug bought Poppie a special gift this week the sang to his heart.  It was a replacement for an special item Poppie had when Bug was 3 and had taken it outside and left it in the rain.  It was ruined and couldn't be repaired.  I guess Bug had been looking for the item for about 5 years and just found one that a friend had gotten.  He made a deal for it for Poppie,  it was a special item then for Poppie but now the replaced on is priceless, and a private memento for Poppie so I will let him keep his personal gift from his son, just that personal.  He is sometime so impressed by his son, and doesn't realize that the special person he sees in his son is himself.  He see the bosterious part of his son alot and doesn't always gel with him, that would be the me he sees in his son.  That is actually funny on so many levels.

This morning I was thinking back to a time in my early twenties.  It was probably the most memorable sermon I ever heard.  I was not necessarily the most needful or most important but it just set in my mind and has never left me as no other sermon ever has.  The Preacher was a visiting preacher to our little Church.  I think maybe he was practising his skills on our little congregation.  There was a period in time where the Church from Zootown sent young aspiring preachers down to help us and give them face time in front of Church goers on a smaller scale than theirs.  We were blessed to have had them.  The young man was maybe in his early thirties, I would guess.  He was quiet and unsure in his mannerisms but when he got up to speak, the Lord truly entered his words and he came alive. 

He spoke to us of the old and new testaments.  The sermon actually started in the usual ways of the comparisons of the two and the differences.  He then began to speak a parable of sorts.  He said there was this young woman who married a stern older man.  The man was very controlling and a harsh task master.  Daily when he went to work he set his young bride to a long on a hard list of things she must accomplish before his return in the evening.  She struggled daily to accomplish the list of the things she must do, they were so hard and so much the law of her life, she often fell short of the task she was set to do.  Her failures brought the wrath of her husband down on her often.   She struggled daily and feared her husband.  It came to pass that her husband died and she was left with out his influence in her life. She soon found the love of her live and remarried.  She lead a happy and loving live with her new and beloved husband.  Years after her life with her new husband had begun she was happily cleaning the attic of her home.  She came up on the dreaded daily list of all she was to accomplish at the bottom of a forgotten box.  She read it over slowly remembering the apprehension and fear that the list had once caused her.  She slowly began to laugh and feel such joy at the reading of the list.  She realized that the dread list, that had caused her such turmoil and discontent, was only a portion of the things she did daily in her home for her new husband.  She did all the things on it and much more happily all the time.  She realized that for love she had gone well beyond the old requirements and that she craved to work harder for her life and her husband.  The Preached ended by saying that was the essence of the difference between the old testament and the new testament.  That for love of Christ and the Lord we now choice to do more for our Lord than when were were under the old law. 

This sermon has always spoken to me,  I don't know or can't remember the speakers name.  But it has always made me know that the love of God is so much more powerful than the fear of God and the old law.  That the new testament calls us to do so much more for God but it is for love and not fear. I do so love the Lord and fall short of the mark, on a daily bases, when I am asked to fear him..... tomorrow. 

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  1. I do not remember this sermon... but it really is very true. I think it is a natural thing that a person will do more for love, than they would do out of fear. Sister


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