Friday, September 16, 2011

Silver is coming home today, Social Media and odd new type of friendship.

Silver will be home today,  Teacher says that his color is much better than it was before his heart attack and he has more energy.  His procedures went well, he got a stint and will be on meds to finish clearing out the rest of the blockages.  We are really blessed to have his outcome be good.  I am also glad that though the men in our family do have heart attacks, young, it seems to be a wake up call. A hundred years ago it meant death but in this day of wonderful medicine it is reminder to get your life together and with medicine you can live a better quality of life after the event.  I am so happy for my brother and his family for this out come and give the praise to the Lord for his blessing in this attack. I will try and take advantage of his wake up call and do more toward getting the exercise I need.

I find social media an interesting thing.  When myspace first started being a popular thing I was not interested in participating.  Facebook came along and I still was hesitant, I was afraid of my computer being attacked by viruses, I was afraid of people accessing my online info, I was afraid....... in the end after a few of my trusted friends tried it, I got on board.  I must admit when I first got on to it I loved the games but learned in a relatively short time I didn't have time to play games on it any longer and I no longer play the games.  It was addictive and I having given up contemporary or non classical novel years ago had no desire to get caught up in a mind numbing addiction.  I do like talking to the different people but don't spend a great deal of time searching through their stuff or reading more than the first page of statuses.  I did start my blog because of social media and find it to be very rewarding.  I think mostly because it is like writing a cleansing letter to myself, the Lord and sometimes just to the anonymous many that have no actually contact with my family so don't judge me subjectively. 

I have always known about my possible issues with social media, and it's potential addiction but I didn't think about it being the same for others.  I tried to get a couple friends and Sister to join,  sister doesn't want to and has no interest in it.   My friends at the time ask me why,  I told them to me it was a little like going to a potluck.   You get to go and visit friends hear bits and pieces of their life or their doings but then you get to walk away or rejoin the conversation whenever you wanted to.  A couple of my friends joined and then became avid gamers, they love it.  I have one friend that this week has decided that she is not getting anything done.  She spends to much time checking out what her friends are all doing, what her cousins are doing etc..... She has decide to go on hiatus.  She put out a message to her friends on facebook and closed her account.  I went to write her a message and couldn't access her, she was blocked to me.  I thought oh, my gosh what have I done why did she block me?.... unbeknownst to her the message may have gone out but when she closed her account it disappeared to all of us, so I wonder do all of her friends and family think she has blocked them.  It is funny to live in an age of unfriending, blocking and statuses.  I also noticed that she has taken me off of her favorites on her blogs, now I am at a quandary, is it another innocent action to step back from spending to much time on the Internet or does she find my blog no longer of interest or does she not want to share it anymore with her other friends or do the blogs that are still on her list have more importance to the time she has to spend on the Internet.  See what I mean? Social media is a whole new world and a whole new aspect to the complications of friendship.  I already emailed her about the facebook stuff and she assured me it was not me, so I would really be an insecure idiot to email her about the blog..... social media is complicated and funny and I think taken to seriously..

On a serious note, I did read an article that said that social media is an important outlet for the elderly in our communities.  The ones fortunate enough to get on to a social media sites see great benefit, they get to access people they haven't seen or heard from in years.  They get to interact with people on a daily bases not always something the shut ins get to do.  They have to use their minds in ways that keep them active.  Social media is not as good for them as a grand daughter visiting in person but can be such an uplifting daily interaction with a person that cares about them, if even from afar...... tomorrow.

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