Monday, September 5, 2011

Three more full loads of firewood, a grave to dig and hay still to stack.

We managed to make it on to the mountain by 9:30 ish, took about the same 6 hours to get wood.  Yogie was her usual very efficient self and stacked it just right. Booboo was less effective in her pursuit of the art of wood getting.  Cubbie and Boy did their best. Bug load their new mp3 players with music and had their dad give it to them this morning so they were gun ho to play with their new toys.  Bug was disappointed to have only load 61 songs on one and 36 on the other, they are over whelmed with the music they have and enjoyed their new birthday presents, sometime mom gets it right.  We had a nice day and will be getting wood again next week already have the new site spotted and the trees they will cut down in our sites.

Last night when Poppie went to put the goats up he found Rosie in the barn she had passed away shortly before.  We don't know why she died, she was health and happy. She didn't have worms, she didn't get into anything to bloat, she couldn't get in to any poisonous plants as she was in her pen.  She may have had a heart attack but we are not sure.  She was our oldest but only going on 5 so not an old goat by any means.  I am heartbroken as she was one of my first two girls and my very favorite lady.  I will truly mess her slow plodding manner.  Poppie will bury her later this evening in the cool of the evening, I am sure the girls will have to say some words to the Lord over her body.  I know that goats die, it is just sometime sad to say goodbye to a dear friend.

Boy goes to school tomorrow so it will just be me and Cubbie in the morning.  Boy will be home in the afternoon with Poppie, I am going to take Cubbie and go to the Lady's to pick apples. I made apple butter with the ones from the railroad right of way so will hopefully make these into pie filling.  I hope to get my new stick blender, with a warrant, this week I have lots of soap to make.  I have new fragrances I can't wait to try.  I am off to clean off wood getting and enjoy my evening until the funeral..... tomorrow.

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