Saturday, September 17, 2011

Poppie will be making Swiss Miss Chops a new indoor pen in the shop, Salsa Sauerkraut Saturday.

Poppie has loved all the time he has spent helping out his friend.  He tells me they are going to go on a short hiatus so will need me and the girls to take care of their animals for the week.  He will still be finishing up the boxing in of their porch and then he will be able to finish up work around here before winter.  Today he turned down working for them as he needs to get Swiss Miss chops a new bigger indoor pen to have her babies in.  She has a lovely outdoor log cabin connected to her pen but it is not big enough for her to have babies in and feed them.  Poppie is going to cut a hole in his shop and pen off a 12 by 12 area to give her a nice place for her and her piglets.  They will be warm, have room to spread out and Poppie can water and feed them from his side of the shop.  It will be a nice place for all involved.  Poppie is also going to hang a tire swing for her to play with so she doesn't get bored and tear up any thing. He is going to take her water off the 55 gallon barrel and attached it to the wall, she likes to dump the barrel when she is playing as well, likes the big old mud puddle it makes.  Her own personal jacuzzi, so to speak. Now that winter approaches she has not need for a mud bath so Poppie will take away her ability to have one.  I can't wait to help if he lets me. I need to get out of the house.

The girls and I are going to can up the salsa I made yesterday.  I made it with extra zucchini and lots of hot. Yogie and I like it hot, Poppie won't eat it anyway and Booboo likes it mixed in so the hot dilutes.  Our modo is you can take less but if it is not hot enough when you can it you can't add it later.  We used all of the peppers we had grown so far in the green house. There is about 4 gallons of it so we will see how many jars we well get.  We are going to make sauerkraut today as well.  Got cabbage from Grandpa and lots of salt.  We may add a little kefir whey to see how we like that in our sauerkraut.  Nourishing traditions advises to make it that way so well will see if it is a good adaption to the old family recipe.  We are sauerkraut purest just salt in it, no celery salt or juniper, though I would love to had some hot pepper flakes.  We just shred the cabbage on our sauerkraut slicer, and then add 1 teaspoon non iodized salt per pound.  We then pound it with a wooden stick, until the natural juices come out of the cabbage to cover the shredded cabbage.  No, you never add water unless of course you had to buy dried out cabbage at the store.  I have never gotten the cabbage from the store to be hydrated enough to make proper sauerkraut.  The farmers market is great but not some much the store.  We have a 10 gallon crock, we won't make it full as it will be just the girls and I eating it.  Poppie has not been able to eat cabbage or sauerkraut since his accident.  Fried cabbage, his favorite, was the last meal he ate before he fell the tree on himself. It just make him nauseous to even smell it now.  It is so sad that he can't he tries every now and again to eat a Reuben and no go, his body just can' do it.  Tomorrow we may go teach Lady to make sauerkraut, that is if the girls are not full blown sick like I was earlier in the week, Booboo is trying real hard to get sick.  I took the girls to the doctor on Thursday, they both had large lymph glands.  Booboo was 90 percentile, in height, around what she has always been, Yogie had dropped down from 50 percentile, as she had been all her life, to the last two visits being a consistent 25 percentile.  She is a little mite, with a lot of might.  ............. tomorrow.

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