Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The second graders had a great time I think, I know we here did.

The second graders arrived with excitement and smiles on their faces.  The got to pet the little goat and the fiber goat. They got to experience the differences of their coats, one rough and bristly and the other soft and a little oily.  Lovey/Dexter, his name is actually Yogie's little Lovey but as Cubbie's Dexter was sold and she doesn't quite understand she calls him Dexter.  Poppie calls him a her, and as he is a wither it doesn't really matter, but Poppie thinks he is to cute to be a boy.  The little troop of kids then got to go see Mokie's, red and white or pink, piggies; The got to see the large momma, and the great big daddy pig.  The kids had so many questions, their teacher Mrs. Cooper tried to channel the question asking. I am think future stories and papers will be written for their learning experience. We continued on to mine big goat pen, all of Mokie's and my goats are currently together, but for the two little ones.  They are being breed, Poppie before the children arrived tied Caesar up to a post as he is in rut, we just did it as a precaution for the kids protection.  He was a doll and was curious about the kids. They got to smell him in his musk, still not nearly as stinky as a diary goat.  He smelled the air at the scent of all the children, they got their picture taken in front of him.  The does mosey around and found the children of little interest.  We then went to our momma and baby pig pen. They got to see all of the black and white or pink spotty babies.  Poppie picked one up but the little guy wouldn't stop squealing which made momma upset and the kids did not get to pet him.  They did get to see the momma telling her babies to take cover.  We let her calm down and then all the babies were shooed out to the children.  They got to go around and see them from the wooden wall of their inside pen as well.  They were a chattering happy little bunch of kids.  I then went to the turkey pen to bring out Thanksgiving.  I had made sure to capture his wings so he didn't flap them.  All the kids, that wanted to, got to pet him and look in his mouth and check out how his eyes blinked.  I then gave all the visitors a little bar of soap and a peacock feather.  The kids had gotten to see the peacocks, the geese and duck from afar as they are all free roaming.  They saw the chickens through the chicken fence.  They had gone at such a fast second grader pace, the hour and a half visit had only taken around forty five minutes and the bus was not to be back for another forty five minute.  Mrs. Cooper called him to come and we took the kids back to Mokie's pen,  She picked up a piglet to pet, and they managed to pet him a little before he squealed enough to upset his momma.  Some of the kids did get to touch the babies through the fence.  They were patient enough and the little piggies came over to their finger tips.  Shortly there after the bus returned to take them across the valley to Lady Knitters little farm to further their afternoon of fun filled farm visiting. 

Poppie went to the Doctor, his one arm said he had high blood pressure and the other arm was fine, so they are going to see why that would be.  He had blood tests, because of his long term pain med use.  He had a metabolic test, vitamin D and testosterone test.  They will have to send some of the tests out for the results so he won't know the results until Friday.  Maybe the Doctor will be able to adjust Poppie a bit and get him more on kilter.  Poppie was encouraged by his visit.  The girls had gone with him as he had picked them up from school on the way.  They got to watch him get his blood drawn.  Booboo said the kids didn't get their peacock feathers, which I had given Mrs. Cooper, they were so excited they didn't calm down.  She is holding them until they have a nice calm school day, smart lady.  I managed to get to go to CAKLS, had a nice visit with Teacher, and a new member,   The interim minister's wife for the Assembly of God Church, she knows my brother Red and his family and we had both attended his wedding, it always amazes me how small this world really is...... tomorrow.

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  1. Different blood pressure in both arms... how weird. Never heard anything like it. Must mean something. Sis


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