Monday, October 10, 2011

The simple family life is a choice, as I suppose is a life at warp speed.

I have never been a person who wanted or needed much. I can't say for sure that I could even make a bucket list with 50 items on it.  I think of things I want to do and can't seem to really find anything pressing that I would like to do or want to do that I haven't done.  I find that on the whole I am a content person. I think that alot of people would look at me, if they saw me, and take pity on me.  I don't have fancy clothes, I have never really been to far afield and have no dreams to explore really.  I could see where some would think how sad my life is and has been in their opinion.  I on the other hand am completely at ease with who I am, what I have and where my life it going. I have no major unfulfilled dreams, I can't say I know all that many people in that place in their lives.  Maybe I am lazy, maybe I am just boring or maybe I am just happy with my simple family life.

I see people that scrape and save to go wonderful places, and return so dissatisfied with their fulfillment of their long awaited dream.  Give me a creek, 10 miles up the rode from my house, and I could very well have travelled to a far away place for all the joy I receive in the going.  I don't see why joy can't be found in your back yard, a creek is a creek and why would going 100 miles make it better? I think the statistic, that majority of people that have ever lived on this earth have never travelled more than 20 miles from where they were born is in funny, and somehow very comforting.  I have traveled more than that distance I think that due to the automobile in modern society more and more people have traveled more than 20 miles but the reality is that statistically the stat is still valid. I know the world still has millions of people that haven't even in this era.  In this modern age people have a need to be going somewhere, either in their working lives like upward and onward or to the ends of the world in travel. I think that that is what we are expected to do but I think that more people than we realize are like me happy in what their life is but maybe they are not expected to be so they don't say that they are.  When did it become less of a life to not want to conquer the world or live in the fast lane? 

I am content to be who I am and happy that my life is simple. I find it such an inconvenience when someone feels the need to make my life happier with their thoughts to how to change it so I can see the joy in what I am missing, basically their lives path, which is so much better than mine.  I truly don't want to change to their fast pace. I am not unaware of the life that is lead by others but feel no need for my children to be in that fast lane either, they can make that choice as adults.  I think giving them a simple good base serves them well, even in this warp speed gotta be their yesterday world. They will have good common sense and the sense of self to survive with out there when other people fill the need to fix my mothering.... tomorrow.

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