Sunday, October 16, 2011

Do you have a God consciousness? I think we all do, I know I always have, who is it?

I have said before that I have always known God in my life.  I have always been really bad at remembering that God is three distinct different beings that are all one.  I sometime have a problem separating God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  I just normally talk to God.  I do know that in reality that I can't talk to God the Father without going through Jesus, but in my heart I always just talk to God.  I have not always had a real good understanding of who the Holy Spirit is and have sadly not been much concerned with my lack of knowledge.  I have been reading and trying to understand who the Holy Spirit is and what is he in my life.  I am amazed to find that after reading many versus and studying the bible.  He is my dear counselor and has always been an important part of my life, I just didn't call him by his really name I just called him God.  I found that the Holy Spirit is the best gift that Jesus ever gave us, other than his sacrifice on Calgary and his life for ours.  When Jesus ascended he was to stay and be our advocate, our companion, our God consciousness, our voice that seeks the truth in God, our indwelling presence of God.   He inhabits our personal temple of God.  I had always dismissed the Holy Spirit, due to lack of understand, and now with his help I have a whole new understand of the Holy Spirit and a need to seek out more knowledge of him.  I think that is one of his most important jobs in my life and he has chosen now to bring out that need in me.  What a wonderful new journey in the Lord I am taking, it is always amazing to me how you can read the bible and each time God, I know now, the Holy Spirit, guides you to new truths and revelations, new passages that are important in the moment.  The best guide and teacher to the bible is the Holy Spirit, I have always known it just never knew him by name.  I had always just opened the bible and knew that God would send me where I needed to go.  Now I have a new name for the presence in  my conscious and know who guides my heart and soul from with in, the Holy Spirit.... tomorrow. 

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