Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bullying a sad reality in our society, have had the sad talk with my girls.

I watched the news this morning and on Monday Sesame Street will address the topic of bullying.  I am glad that they will explore this subject on a level that children can understand and hopefully the adults sharing the program, with their child, will help their child understand the ramifications of bulling. Maybe more importantly they will be vigilant for it and help their children not be victims. My girls and I have often talked about bulling, being one and being the victim of bulling. I know some people say,"it has always happened and the kids just have to toughen up",  Yes it has always happened but it wasn't any more right then than it is now.  Children should be able to not be victimized at school or in their societal group.  I have explained to the girls that you can be the one voice that says, "this is not ok" it only takes one person to stand up and say "no" so that other kids will be brave enough to say they agreed that "it is not right".  I have taught them to go to an adult that they trust.  I have also had to explain to them that their are inappropriate adults that try to play sneaky games that are not right.  I have tried to teach them to "turn their nose and toes and walk away" from bad situations and if the person continues after them scream for help, make a ruckus and don't let anyone take you anywhere with out making a scene.  I don't ever recall having had that conversation with my mother, sadly we didn't need it back then. 

I think as parents we have a responsibility to teach our children their family values.  We, as their parents, have the unique privilege to teach them their values, family traditions, philosophies and religious beliefs.  No one has the right to go behind our back and or whisper that we are making the wrong decisions to or for our children's lives.  I do still believe that in America everyone has the right to the privacy of their home and the lives that we lead in them.  We are asked to not do harm to others and only when we cross that line is it anyone else's business how we live our lives or what goes on in our homes.... tomorrow.

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