Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mokie is 27 today, I remember her birth with such clarity, and love.

Poppie and I had some what of a disagreement when I was pregnant with Mokie.  He had only wanted 2 children as he was from an abusive home and was so afraid he might be an abusive parent.  Anyone that knows him knows that to be the farthest thing from the truth, we knew it then as well but he didn't.  I wanted four children but had agreed that if the baby I was carrying was a girl I would have my tubes tied.  I feel that every girls needs a sister, having had a few myself and knowing how my mother had longed for one. Mokie was born and I went through with my promise.  God always knew I longed for more children and in his time he gave me two more beautiful daughters. 

Mokie was a beautiful baby, she was dark like her dad with my big brown eyes from the minute she first opened them.  She and her brother looked so alike that in baby pictures I can't tell them apart except for the fact that they have very different noses.  Mokie has my mom's nose, she and one of my nieces are the only two of the kids or grandkids that do.  She had dark almost black hair at birth.  She was a happy content baby, never cried much or ask for anything special except to sleep in my bed until she was six and be carried on my hip nearly as long.  One day for no apparent reason she crawled of my hip and became and independent soul.  She hasn't like to be made a fuss over or hugged much since.  I do so miss the little girls that wanted nothing more than to be in my lap.  She may not need to be on my lap any longer but has never actually strayed far from me.  She lives next door on the same property she has lived her whole life on.  She is a content person and one of the most black and white people I know,  I do so love when she adds a shade of gray to her life and seeing her acquiring the ability to a little more each year is so refreshing.  She is pregnant with her third child and will be the mother to two beautiful daughters come December.  She doesn't know how much her little Cubbie will cherish and fight with her new sister, but she will adapt as she always does in her quiet unassuming way.  I love my daughter and want the best for her, and am wise enough to know when that is to support her choices and not try to make them mine.  She is the lovely empowered woman I so had hoped she would be, with the ability to be the soft spoken loving wife..... tomorrow.

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