Sunday, October 2, 2011

Count it all as joy because trials are evidence that God is working in our lives.

I have always thought that I must not be a good Christian.  I never went anywhere like missionaries do to be persecuted for my belief in God.  Not once have I had trials that helped me gain wisdom in life for the Lord. I missed the point of the scripture apparently.  This morning I was watching Dr. Stanley and the Lord spoke to me about my life in a very personal way.  I had always thought that the trials were to be a loud and boisterous events for them to be worthy of being persecuted for God .  I know that so many people have endured so much for the Lord, in so many lands, but I have spent my life in little town America where most people believe, on some level, in the Lord.  I figured I must not have been asked to endure trials for the Lord.  I really didn't get it. 

I missed that trials are not always about the big or important things on a worldly level.  Trials can be about small things, trials come from ourselves, others, the world, Satan and God allows or sends others.  Trials are about how we handle the little things in life that come to us daily, weekly or yearly.  Trails are about the Joy we have in them.  Trails are about the wisdom God sends to us in enduring them.  Trials are a great part of growth in the Lord.  I am a fixer for the most part, I try to fix situations, people and things in general.  I found that fixing things in not always my job, God is the great fixer he is the only one that can fix the major things in our lives.  If we try to go it alone we can not obtain it, only God can guide us to life eternal.  I can be a trial to others for the Lord at times, or I can get in the way of the Lord if I try and help someone out of a trial that God has sent or allowed them.  I am just filled with the joy of more clearly understanding trials, as God has spoken to my heart this morning.  I am not the victim of life because I have trials to endure.  I am rejoicing in the trials that God sends me that I may learn where God wants me to go in this life.

"Rejoice, Rejoice, and again I say Rejoice. Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say Rejoice."

My heart is singing with such joy I can not contain it.  I can't imagine the things that the Lord intendeds for my life but I do know that trials will no longer be the bane of my life but a new found joy.  I am not saying that when the cougar comes again and kills my goats, or I have no idea where I will get money for an unexpected emergency that I will not worry and fret.  I know that trials will cause me pain and heart ache in the future. I also know that I will no longer say "why me Lord"  I will say "what do you need me to do Lord' or "what do you want me to learn or gain for this".  That is a big step in life for me.  I now know that trials can come from all things.  My family, friends and an untold number of places but all trials bring me closer to the Lord and his will for my life.  James 1: 1-12 talks to us of seeking out the Joys of the trials in life, read it and ask God for his Divine message to come to your heart, I did ..... tomorrow.

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