Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Friends are a gift from God, I didn't know how many people loved me and how blessed I truly am.

Some of you are aware, or maybe most of you are aware of my situation with my neighbor, I just didn't know how many of you loved and cared about me and my family.  I was overwhelmed by the love that so many of you showed me the last view days during this time of extended family trial.  I am truly a loved person and you all will never know how your love and kindness has and is pulling me through this.  I would like you all, that love and care about me, to know how grateful and honored I am to have you in my life.

I think that as a mostly reclusive person my neighbor underestimated my connection in this town.  She didn't realize that I am number one related to half the county, well maybe not quite,  She also didn't know that just because I am not out to dinner, having you to dinner or partying all the time with you, my friends, I didn't have any. I don't think it came to her that friendship can be a subtle and quiet thing, that has nothing to do with who does or doesn't come to my house daily, weekly or in the short six months she has been my neighbor.  She didn't know that just because she didn't see you come over, she watches out her window upstairs and down at Mokie and my houses. (I just happen to have a whole front set of window that open on the road or I wouldn't see her coming and going at all.)  She actually has to go to the side of her house, behind the stairway to watch us or the top of that stairway, my mom built the house so I know it well. Mokie can't even feel comfortable in her own backyard and has had to move her picnic table to the other side of the house for privacy. Today is the last day I will bother you all with her sad stalking tales but will still be posting anything she says to me in print, for my family and my protection.  Today I am taking your advise and seeking protection, legally. I just couldn't do it on my birthday, she didn't have the right to ruin my day.

Thanks again one and all for the love and kindness,  I truly didn't know how much I am loved,  I guess living in one town for nearly 32 years brings familiarity and familiarity breeds love on a broad scope.  I do hope to be there, to return the love to all of you in your time of need, as you have for me. Thank you for making my birthday one of my best, even in a time of strife...... tomorrow.

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  1. Debbie,
    You really do find out who your friends are, when the bad times come. Sis


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