Sunday, October 9, 2011

Quiet Sunday morning, the littles are at Grandpa's, alone time for Poppie and I.

We went and got wood yesterday, when we arrived at the top of the mountain we discovered Poppie had forgot the chainsaw, he had thrown in an old one but it was not a real option.  I offered to return home for the saw, I tried my cell, (yes, I have one, that I use about 600 minutes a year on), and had reception.  I called Mokie and she agreed to meet me in route.  We both drove to one another and she brought me that saw, due to her kindness in bringing the saw part way, the longer part as I was on a mountain road where 20 in speeding, which I did a little.  I was back and we were ready to cut in about 30 minutes.  We just started to saw, when she called, still had cell service, it is nice on the top of the mountain, just no service going down the mountain.  She advised that she found one of our friends boy's car rolled into the ditch.  She called their mom and they are ok, it had happened the night before.  We had both missed it going up the road as it was a small car and hidden by the bushes.  By the time we got off the mountain it had been winched out of the creek bed.  We started to saw trees and stack wood.  Grandpa had meant us on the mountain and he had his little truck stacked and ready to go about noon,  the girls went home with him, he had offered to stay but we thought they should go spend time with grandma.  They left, we had a nice afternoon cutting and stacking wood, sometimes it is just nice to have good hard work and the quiet of each others company.  We had planned on taking part of the wood to Bug and to a man, who we get a cord of wood a year, but when Poppie stopped at Bugs his neighbor, an elderly couple where the man has a terminal illness needed wood.  Poppie and Bug unstacked it at their house and we are going to go get them more on Thursday, still have to get Bug a load and the man we get the cord for. The couple were so happy to have wood, they were very low and wondering where to get it, Bug usually gets it but he no longer has a pickup.  They were excited we would get some for them.  We will have to get them two more full loads, truck and trailer. Maybe the last load next Saturday, which would be more important than the craft show, as it may get snowy and we couldn't get back up there, we usually get people wood in the summer not this late in the year.

This morning it is quiet with the ladies at the grandparents.  They will go to Church with them about 30 miles from here.  The Church is a nice Church, we would probably go there if it was local.  I am not sure they would be a total match with our beliefs, long term, as they are an old style church where all the ladies wear dresses but they are a great Church for the girls to go commune with.  We slept in until 7 this morning, both sore but in a good healthy way. 

Sometimes it is so nice to just have the privacy of your own home and life.  I wonder at why anyone would want to invade that time or even try to find out what you do with your life in your own home.  I am a self admitted people watcher but once the person walks out of my line of site I have little interest in what they do.  I don't dwell on what they might do in private.  I am not a celebrity watcher, I never really understand why these people aren't allowed their privacy.  I am sometimes appalled by the lengths the people will go to to know about famous or infamous peoples lives.  I can maybe understand it a little and sort of see the why people would be interest in knowing if they are like us in private but not enough to bug them.  I do not understand when people in general, that might have had entrance into your home, feel the need to gossip about what they think they know about your life.  Why would people stare at you or feel the need to stare at you as they drive by your house?  Why would they take a child's innocent conversation about their private home life and gossip about it?  Why would they feel the need to spread rumors about their perception of your housekeeping skills?  Why would that be a place for them to start a conversation with others?  Why do they not have lives where they can leave you in peace?  Why would you be of any interest to them, why can't we be allowed to have the privacy of our own lives?  I myself have never wondered what my friends talk about when they are alone, I am not a voyeur and have no interest in being one.  I certainly don't talk about or even think of things I might have accidentally seen that were private maters to my friends or neighbors.  What would be my interest, I have a hard enough time taking care of my issues and my life's path.  I am just saying, why are some people so odd or is it pathetic? .... tomorrow.


  1. Expect a photoshoot in the next few days. Some people related to a VERY dear child would like to see actual pictures of where he is living and the immediate community. They need to see the living conditions of the people who may be driving him to school. They will be looking into whether your husband has car insurance. So much work this week...WOW! I think the BEST rumor yet that you filled your sister is "my husband is a wife beater." Too funny! Although domestic abuse is NOT funny. You and your lies are good stuff. You should write a book. You have a wonderful imagination. We called your sister out on EVERYTHING when she came into our home. She looked like a fool. You see, you spreading lies is what feed the fire. I wish it didn't. Your sister is unfit to foster anyone! Today is about Lawyers, Speaking with a sweet man who passed aways family....and telling them what is REALLY going on. Your sister is NOT nurturing this child...with your family it is ALL about control...nothing more, no love. All the energy she put into trying to smear our families name to a 15 year old child would have been spent better on acclimating him, showing him around superior, sports porgrams....but the people on this road are too hillbilly for that. Your wonderful and normal sister on the hill is by far a diamond in the ruff out here. You always sid she would not wave at you. Whaaaa! Why would anyone wave at you??? You are sick! You should be put on meds ASAP...your the kinda person who could benefit from them!
    ps...everything is being documented the slander, the blogs (even your code words for people; especially 'family' is sick and twisted)That child and his immediate family would NEVER allow him anywhere near your feces infested house once they know the truth....

  2. oh and in answer to your question..."I am just saying, why are some people so odd or is it pathetic?" ANSWER-you are both odd and a few other things! Have a wonderful day on Crazy Kelsey Lane...tomorrow.

  3. Geez, Debbie, I hope you're keeping track of these comments. Apparently, that person who commented is so self-righteous that they can't see that what he/she wrote is enough for you to file assault/harassment charges. If they knew what the legal definition of assault is, they would certainly reconsider. Takes all kinds... ~Lorna

  4. wow what hatred. i never in all my life of 62 years have ever heard anything like this. how cruel to say such things to someone else that can actually be documented. this person really needs help. yeah go ahead and do your "photo shooting" maybe you'll go to jail where you belong. talk about invading someones privacy. and you are the one talking about them. i think that anyone willing to foster a child in the time we are living in as compared to my time is just amazing in its self. not too many people these days would even be willing to foster. God bless her sister. i understand why nannie would be giving code names. why put your families name out there for everyone. that would just be insane. i hope you pay for what you are doing to these people.

  5. How very kind of you regarding foster care. We have actually been therapeutic foster parents for 9 years, and have recently gone through regular foster care due to health issues and such. And we are hoping it can work out with this kiddo, as he is very likable.


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