Friday, October 14, 2011

I hope today brings back the calm of fall, had a couple of long tiring days.

Spent yesterday with Cubbie, Boy and Curious, they played puzzle but unlike my girls their way of playing puzzle mostly consists of putting it from one box to the other.  The two playing it were both two so maybe their game was better for them in the long run. They were mostly learning how to share and be good friends.  They played dolls and how to share Nannie's lap as well.  One is very verbal and the other is learning so they are learning to help one another on levels they do not understand.  I like to see when they have actual conversations that don't include adults and they are doing it more and more.

It is to rain later so that and the fact that I have to be here to help with the kids have again delayed my trip to get pig grain and see my friend Twin.  Next week is to be nice and warm so maybe that is the best choice all around. Planning on getting wood in the morning, not sure who all will be going or who will be staying home.  Funny never can tell who chooses to do which, just when you think they don't want to stack firewood they have decided that they are Queens of it and stack like champs on a mission. They are very good at it usually and have a bit of OCD in making sure no hole is left unfilled. It is supposed to be raining in the afternoon so we hope to get a nice load before the rain starts coming down to strongly.

I am hoping that the peace I felt on Tuesday soon returns its is hard to be stressed and scared long term but hopefully today brings God blessings and peace........... tomorrow.

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