Monday, October 3, 2011

Today is the beginning of a long week, and rain is in the forecast, a good thing.

I think that we have all longed for a little rain for quite awhile now but this week is going to be so tight to manage with out it I wished it would hold off until Thursday.  It says the worst is to come on Thursday lets hope that the weatherman had his binoculars on when he looked out the window, Poppie assures me that is how he makes his guesses.  Sometimes Poppie is so funny.  I have to go to Zootown with Mokie this morning but because she is babysitting Cartoons we have to wait until after Poppie gets home from doing chores, at this friends house and a little fixing on a goat pen, before we can leave.  The Professor's neighbors goat came down and was head butting the goat pen post and he broke one off, Poppie has to wire the fencing back up so no goaties escape. Poppie should be gone part of the morning so we can't go until he gets home.  He is going to watch Cartoons, Cubbie and Boy so we can go.

We are going to go to the case goods sale, do some other food shopping and hopefully get home before 3:30 but that will be a tight schedule if we can manage it.  Poppie may have to take all three of the kids down to pick up the girls.  He doesn't like to have to take them all when he goes.  Poppie and the girls will do chores for our friends for the last time on  tonight. I guess we will do what we can do.

Tomorrow, the second grade in coming to see the piglets, goats, chickens, turkeys, gooses, ducks and peacocks.  It will be nice to have them all here, there are around 21 of them, I think. Poppie has to move the pathfinder down to Bug's from in front of Swiss Miss Chops pen.   Bug has to work on the vehicle and it will make more room for the kids to see everything. Poppie has to go to the Doctor tomorrow afternoon as well, his blood pressure has been a little high so he has to go have that checked out. Wednesday I am hoping to get to go see Twin, pick up some wool scraps she has for me and pick up a ton of grain on the way home.  Rain is not good for hauling grain so I do hope it is not coming down on my return trip.  The girls have Awana's on Thursday, it always make for a longer day.  They will atleast not have chores to do on Thursday, other than their own.

I am saddened today, on a personal level, one of my friends has decided that my blog is to confrontational and will no longer be reading it.  I am not sure I believe their assessment but I do have to respect their thoughts on the mater. The person said that they encourage me to continue as I may speak to others but I cause stress in their life. Maybe I was a trial to the person, maybe that is good maybe that is not.  I will miss my friends readership but can't say that it will change my need to talk.... tomorrow.


  1. your friend is most likely not a strong person. it is refreshing to me when someone is able to speak their mind. i do not know you but I enjoy reading your blog. my friend reads your blog and has shared with me.

  2. Yeah... Debbie definitely is able to speak her mind about things, and that is not really something that has came easily for me in my life. Although I am a lot better at it than I was when I was younger. But... at least you always know where you stand with her, and you don't have to sit around wasting time wondering about it. But I can also see how it might threaten someone people... especially as you say, "your friend is most likely not a strong person." I too believe that, as a strong person would just slough it off and not take it too personal... rather... just Debbie's view on things. Sis


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